Splinterlands - Weekly Theme Challenge - Maggots

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Create a post sharing a video of one of your battles using the Maggots


Explain your line up. Why did you use certain monsters in specific places?

lord arianthus - beasty tank w/shield/void/reflect & thorns
haunted spider - ranged w/poison
haunted spirit - heal w/magic reflect
maggots - opportunity
vampire - life leach
hydra - heal

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Amazingly enough for guessing it worked really well on this match, i was pleasantly surprised how the opportunity did well.

I will have to experiment more.

Do you use Maggots often? Why or why not?

I haven't ever used maggots until today. I had to go buy some from the market just to make this stupid post.

I do like the special opportunity (like a vulture)

I will keep trying and see how it goes, i may have to upgrade them higher than level 3 to be effective.

YeeeeeeeHaw !!!


Tag splinterlands and spt.

The easiest way to help the broke carpenter is an upvote and maybe a resteem.

Projects you may end up funding

  • Better Server
  • Better network equipment (better switch/router)
  • Better drives (need storage space on servers - thinking about a boinc node)
  • Future servers / vms / dev machines
  • Need to run a bitshares node
  • Need to run a steemit node
  • colocation = $650/mo
  • server = ???? (cluster @$5k/ea)
  • bills = $2k/mo

unemployment ain't gonna fix that

i got a few website/gamification ideas - but need to get network and nodes running better before jumping back to development environment


[basic income]

#life #of #a #broke #carpenter #posting #ulog #for #steemit #basicincome

© rxhector
peace ;)

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Hey, @rxhector. This might be fun. I just started playing the game and am really liking it. Would be fun to do your challenge. :)

LOL! I'm sorry ya had to spend $2 on maggots! 🤣
But at least you won!


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