Kickstarter Quest: Stickers

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For the players that are getting physical rewards stickers we want to give an update on their look and feel and how it will work.

What we'd like to do is give out sheets of stickers that have 15 stickers on them. Each sticker is a circle that's 3.25"x3.25". The designs look like this:

One little challenge though...

The Kickstarter campaign is only promising 5 stickers and not all the Splinters. So, here's what you have to do to get them all!

  • $115,000 stretch unlocks the Neutral Splinter
  • $117,000 stretch unocks the Dragon Splinter
  • $120,000 stretch unlocks the General Logo
  • 180 backers unlocks a second copy of each Splinter logo sticker.
  • 190 backers unlocks a FREE Bumper Sticker to everyone in the campaign getting physical rewards.

Up Next

I heard something about a potion quest coming up... I wonder what that is?

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Holy crap! I didn't realise I was battling actual stickers from time to time!

"For the players that are physical rewards stickers we want to give an update on their look and feel and how it will work."

Splinterlands keeps getting crazier and crazier! I so funny...

it will happen today, i think

I'm not sure about whether crypto enthusiasts and sticker collectors really belong to the same target group.

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They do lol

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stickers.. you are enticing people to spend thousands of dollars extra on the kickstarter for extra stickers and ignoring the +40k that had previously gone past the last goal? -_-

heres roughly what they think an additional $50000 added to the last stretch goal is worth for us. this includes cutting off part of it for their bumperstickers and the original stickers already being given out in most goals if they are even using vinyl uv protection

  • additional $95ish for shipping

heres without vinyl or uv protection +addtional $65ish for shipping below

heres what i mentioned in mavericks about an hour before he posted this new stretch goal

i know you said last night on msp that you didnt think the kickstarter was going to do this well but it has so hopefully if you do add more stretch goals you dont simply start from beyond current point going forward since there hasnt been a goal since 75k thats an additional nearly 40k added past the last goal.
what if every $1k added to the kickstarter(past 75k) gave everyone that pledged(35+) an additional booster pack. the math here being even if we reached 250 pledges 1 pack more per person would be twice as much money coming in as the pack is worth and you could still say it doesnt effect triggering bonus packs via going over a 100 pack point. it would also incentivise more individual players to sign up if they were on the fence.(edited)
and it wouldnt negatively effect those with non physical pledges
who wouldnt want to spend $35 on a pledge and get currently an additional 40 packs? :smile:

QuantumNachosToday at 11:16 AM
you would need an additional 80 people at this point to be at that theoritical 250 pledger mark but im sure a stretch goal like this could easily get not only those playing hoping to it but getting friends and family to tag along too.
i bet you could see 500+ people signing up for this before its over.

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We are very close to the first special character airdrop!

Potion stickers ?

oooh ooh Potion Keychains ? Naah, but would be cool :D



When some post about the promotion of the game? will you only post how much money we have to send you? Unless you consider posts clove of niche steemit for promotions :D

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Always fun seeing physical rewards! Thanks for sharing!

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Potion quest? Now I'm interested

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