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From out of the depths of the UNTAMED deserts a primal scream can be heard as whatever still living creatures scurry out of the way. Giant footsteps pound the ground. And a sound of whirling steel and clanking metal drowns out all other sounds. One of Archmage Arius's creations lies before you enhanced by the UNTAMED mana flowing through him. Before you roars the Chain Golem. Can you tame him?

Hey Splinterlands fans! Wow. We are blown away by the support that has been put into the crowdfunding campaign already. Every high level tier has sold out and we've already hit mutliple stretch goals. We're so excited to be bringing our stickers, shirts, physically printed cards, and an unbelievable campaign guidebook into the world!


We've noticed and listened to feedback that the lower priced contribution tiers don't offer as enticing a package for players who want to support the game but don't have thousands of dollars to spend. This is especially true in parts of the world where the shipping costs are higher.

We can't really do much about the shipping costs, but we would like to see more participation at all tier levels and price ranges, so we're gonna sweeten the deal!

Introducing: Chain Golem!

This Legendary Monster is a force to be reckoned with. Coming from the Neutral Splinter, he'll be a great choice for any Summoner looking for a bad ass tank.

  • If you pledge at the $35 tier you'll get one level 2 standard foil Legendary Chain Golem.

  • If you pledge at the $85 tier you'll get one MAX LEVEL standard foil Legendary Chain Golem.

  • If you pledge at the $200 tier you'll get one MAX LEVEL standard foil and one level 2 gold foil Legendary Chain Golem.

  • If you pledge at the $500 tier you'll get one MAX LEVEL standard foil and one level 3 gold foil Legendary Chain Golem.

  • If you pledge at $1000 tier or higher you'll get one MAX LEVEL standard foil and one MAX LEVEL gold foil Legendary Chain Golem.

Oh yeah, and of course, you won't be able to get this beast in packs or anywhere else other than this Kickstarter.

Players who want to purchase extra Chain Golems will be able to grab individual cards by adding the following additional amounts to their contribution (over pledging for the reward tier):

  • $20 for a level 1 standard foil Chain Golem

  • $125 for a Level 2 gold foil Chain Golem

Oh, I forgot to mention one thing though. He's currently still chained up (ironically). So, he's a Quest reward and won't be released until we get to 125 backers...so call your kids, call your wives, and call your husbands, 'cause we need e'erybody in here!

Lastly, if you're primarily interested in Untamed booster packs rather than the kickstarter exclusive physical products and in-game rewards, you can purchase them directly from the Shop page on the Splinterlands.io website. For large purchases of $5,000 or more, please contact @aggroed on Discord.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Dammit, I been fighting the urge to invest more money but you may have just got me hook, line and sinker.

Those smaller pack deals look allot more appealing with the chain golem added to them.

you should maybe consider putting a link to your kickstarter?

Do I still get a Chain Golem when I do the 45$ Pledge ?


We should be unlocked for the additional physical Reward cards!

Yep, I'll release an update about it!

Such a great game, I'm gonna have to sell a kidney for some cash, or get a job. 😁

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for gods sake man, don't get a job whatever you do!


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NOW we are speaking. Scratching my last money together...

Looks baddass!

I just like the card hahaha, the terminator of Splinterlands

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In the future, Will UNTAMED tokens be available on SE?

Now, that's pretty cool. I think I'll have to scrape up $85. :)

What's the difference between standard foil and gold foil? Is untamed introducing a new standard foil card type?

Normal cards are "standard foil" shiny gold cards are gold foil.

My New Archmage Arius Was Looking for HIs New BABY, Thank You for Showing us @steemmonsters

You pulled one!!! Congrats @stockjockey. That is one card I won't get. I can't run the mystery potions enough.

Does this apply by buying $ 35 usd in Untamed Pack or are the $ 35 only for the card?

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The site offers no Kickstarter rewards. Buying through Kickstarter gets you the reward tier plus any unlocked stretch goals.


In light of this change I went from the $10 pledge to the $200 pledge. Going to save every penny I can just to get a max level standard foil and a level 2 gold foil of this guy. Plus the 70x packs and chances for all the airdrops. Worth the investment. I’ll just pay down my credit card slowly...lol

So if we do the digital pledge for $200 we still get a GF chain golem?
Shipping is too expensive to Cambodia, but I want that Golem 😉

Seems like a sweet deal!