A great day to be a part of splinterlands! I just staked 10,000 SPT tokens for upvoting!

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I am so happy with what is going on here on steemit, we now have other tokens we can earn just by using the right tags.

I am doing my first post with the splintertalk.io user interface. My post is about my latest quest rewards cards that I just was awarded.


Some nice rare cards to add to the stack, I can use these to power up my crew!

I'm getting very close to the diamond league! The competition is getting very hard for me at this level.


So now I can triple dip getting Pal tokens, Steem, and SPT. I hope you all go to steem-engine and stake some of these amazing tokens.

I can't believe how fast things are moving now, we are so lucky to have these amazingly talented people fighting to make this the most rad blockchain!

Thank you for reading my blog and have a great day!


Crap I didn't know about the new tokens, did you buy them or are they air dropped like PAL? I blog enough about monsters so I will have to check it out.

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I got them on the market, you can earn them too. I like the shortcut of buying them, lol! (No airdrop)

Wow, my 25 percent upvote gave you 5.60 spt! COOL!

I did not understand one thing: let's suppose that you upvote this comment and I earn X spt. They go to my account on steem-engine and, if I upvote someone, this person will receive Y spt? Am I missing something?

You have to stake your SPT like STEEM, you can do it right from Steem-Engine or in your wallet on Splintertalk.io

Thank you.

You also have a wallet on splintertalk.io , https://www.splintertalk.io/@ronaldoavelino

Thank you, my friend.

It is a load more fun now having all these tokens.I am glad to see you enjoying yourself and hopefully you are taking it easy these days.

Thanks man, I love all these new tokens.

@tbnfl4sun it gets to be More Fun Everyday and to Think that We Are Here at The Very Beginning. What a Blessing !

Hi, @tbnfl4sun!

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