Going for the gold,with my lucky Mene box!

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You have to love a little luck when opening Steemmonster packs!

Today, when I logged in, it told me that I had ten reward packs to open. Now I'm not sure why, and this has happened before too. So feeling pretty lucky I busted out the big guns, my lucky Mene box. With the help of this good luck charm I flipped over my ten cards and this is what I got.


I thought that was pretty good not using potions and all, here is a picture of all the cards together.


I'm glad to see all the interest in this game still, I hope it stays around for a long time and keeps people coming back to the Steem blockchain.

If you're not sure where to get a lucky Mene box, I won't be mad that you have been living under a rock! Drop a comment below and I will hook you up.


Congrats! Gold always makes the daily quest feel worth while!!

Keep stacking those cards, many are running out soon!

It sure does, I may get 1 hundred packs with a gold potion before they sell-out.

I was going to buy 100 orbs with both potions but, I traded my GF Chromatic Dragon to finish off my orb legendaries and am going to move on. I may do some of the new packs and orbs if they are still around, but I need to stop spending so much on it. I went full FOMO as beta ran out!

I got bad FOMO going on, I figure 500 card should get me at least 50 gold cards with the potion, what do you think?

Mixed results
100 betas - 16 GF... Sad

63 Orbs 37 Beta
24 GF - 12 Legendary - Mixed on the GF Poition.

It is almost like it wasnt working. Drop rate is 2% I was well short of normal on the first 500, and I should have double. 2nd batch wasnt much better. Might just be my bad luck.

Thanks for the link to your post, you did ok though, I think your ROI was ok!👍

Hehehe, your lucky Mene box did it again, @tbnfl4sun!

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I forgot it was MeneMonday too!😁

Lol this is awesome man!!

#menemonday #menemaniac


It's fun to open them, O and the gold is even better!

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