Steem Monsters: 100 DEC Daily Give Away #161(NO UP-VOTE RE-STEEM FOLLOW REQUIRED)

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Hello world, Lets get into another 100 DEC give away. I have given out over 40000 DEC total and we are just getting started.

Todays Give Away.

  • Comment a technology you wish existed bus dose not yet. (personal assistant robots that could take care of all the little bullshit in my life.)


Yesterdays winner was a first timer @shaidon, congrats. Go give him a follow and some love, 100 DEC flying your way Sir.

See you tomorrow!


Doesn't matter what the technology is or what it does as long as it makes me rich (I just want to live my life without having to work)

what would you do all day, I feel the same but I know I would stay busy

I'd start doing whatever things I like to do. Invest more time into steemit, start working out more, play football, find more hobbies that I like.

Thank you!
I think a wearable transport like Power Armor from the Fallout series.

I love fallout

some earphones that played sound waves that instantly calm my mind when I get stuck in overthinking

I think there is a green plant that can do that for you lol


hover cars

they could make these and there would never be a accident again but you would have to replace every road on earth so the infrastructure would be to expensive

Matter Synthesizer

(i.e. ‘The Orville’ TV show)
OMG the things I could do with that thing


Chocolate that doesn’t make you fat

its called dark choclate 90% cacao but it is gross lol

Teleportation for sure.

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Guess the future :)

Commercial space flights. I know it is bound to happen but imagine quick getaways in a matter of minutes versus hours or even days in airports and planes. 12 hour plane fights seems so old school now....

agreed, the airport process sucks too

Nano bots to deliver targeted chemotherapy.

infinite ice cream machine

FTL speed...aka space travel

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A Rumba that washes my cars in my driveway 😁

Time machine. But only for me :)

Immersive VR (Head-mounted display) with actual and precise hand tracking - I work in this industry and this would revolutionize training / education in a lot fields i.e. medicine and surgery!

yeah I hope it makes a great breakthrough while it still has steam. I have PS VR but it kind of sucks

Increase the memory in my brain

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coming really soon via nurolink