Steem Monsters 100 DEC Give Away #81 (NO UP-VOTE RE-STEEM FOLLOW REQUIRED)

in steemmonsters •  10 months ago 

Whats the word you dirty dirty birds? Lets keep this engine running with another 100 DEC give away.

Today's Give Away

*Comment what you would like to see change on the steemit platform(I would like to see a sponsorship program for new and great content creators to give incentive for quality post).


Yesterdays winner was the great and powerful @ewkaw, congrats. 100 DEC flying your way buddy. GO give @ewkaw a follow and some love.

That's all folks, rest well.

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I would like to see bot use not count towards reputation score

Oh yes. That would be very good!

Wow thank you! Nothing like seeing precious stones flying you way first thing in the morning :)

I would like to see a teleporting coffee machine button.

lmfao yes that would be amazing

I would like to see a verification that you are a good poster that increases earnings. I spent over 2 hours on each of my post and earned pennies so I stopped posting. but I see some low quality post making $10 and it looks like a 5 min effort piece

I would like to see the opposite of hard fork, 85% of the rewards for little fishes

yeah I would be happy with 70%

for me a good change would be to ban the use of bid bots

why are the ybad? dose it reward the people with a lot of money?

the steemit official site should be better developed and evolved to look more like a facebook, and they should have a great marketing strategy to attract more users

wow that is a very good point, some stuff is to confusing for new pwople

I just wanna see some interesting new games even better than steemmonsters

I know of some top secret games coming in the near future

I like to see an easy way to buy steem with fiat

yep same here, block chain in general needs to be more user friendly to bring mass adoption

I would like to see a consensus type business setup thats sole purpose is to build products for businesses to integrate with steem. Like for example the Haven shopping app, we should be an integrated as a currency on there. Taking advantage of these various business opportunities avaialble give the currency more uses and users

yeah this seems like a good idea but it also seems way over what seems vision is.

visions change, I mean Instagram was a chat roulette random meetup site and then pivoted to what it is today and now its a billion-dollar company

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A smart business plan and an end to those downvote/flag as they are used by the mighty to terrorise the small ones

yeah, I think its ok to have a down vote but it should not effect anyone.

i dont use steemit enough to really know what i would change XD

perfect placement, so the same as you

thank you

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I would like to see a "Wack-a-mole" game created to turn using the free downvotes into a game. Spam posts/moles would pop up at random and players would wack the moles to drop a downvote on them.

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I wish the official Steemit website would show things like voting power (that they now call "voting mana") and resource credits (RC). Most new users probably come to the platform through the Steemit interface, and end up voting on everything they happen to like, unaware that they're spending their power and RC (unless they've read and understood the FAQ, that's a lot to take in at once).

I don't like see new users with potentials suffer RC limitations. RC system should probably be implemented in a regressive manner.

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I know they do this to limit shit post and shit comments of people who do not invest in SP but maybe a higher starting cap for noobs would solve the problem

Yeah, probably!

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