Steem Monsters: 100 DEC Give Away #82 (NO UP-VOTE RE-STEEM FOLLOW REQUIRED)

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A beautiful piece of art often subconsciously reminded us of what we lack and admire and that what makes it beautiful to us.

Today's Give Away

*comment your best guess of how many games of SM you play each day. 50 for me


yesterdays winner is @gillianpearce. She is a very friendly and nice SM player so go give her a follow and some love folks.

See ya tomorrow.

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Counting with practice ones I'd say around 70.

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I have been playing a little because my cards are bad, this discourages, about 20 at most

I would say about 30


between 30 and 35

I also think it must be about 40

err maybe 60 or 70?


about 15-20

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I’ll play about 12 -15 it gets a bit more sometimes if it’s a splinter u don’t have good cards in and I need to win with that one for my daily reward

Hmmm. Not sure. But probaby about 50 too.


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I play from 100 to 90 DCR, 3 accounts, makes and easy 60 as the dcr recharges...

about 12 for me

Around 30

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