Participate in Splinterlands Kickstarter Or Fundition Crowdfunding! 17 Days To Go!

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Hi Everyone,

Just over a week ago, Splinterland has the latest Kickstarter for their Untamed series. It is currently sitting at 197k AUD which is a great result for Splinterlands. We have unlocked a few milestones and those who have decided on their packs will start the count down the days. With over 230 backers, we are looking for more!

In my previous Splinterlands related blog, my cards have gone up in price week after week. I kind of regretted not getting more alpha cards in the beginning or else my collection will look more favourable. So unlike me, this is a chance for you to grab yourself some cards and goodies from the Kickstarter program. You can find the link here.

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 10.46.42 pm.png

If you don't have fiat to fund it, there is another way to join in! Check out the Fundition page. You cannot get the physical goods from Fundition but you can definitely get the electronic version. You can use different types of crypto Fundition accepts like Steem, SBD, BTC, Eth, Litecoin etc. You can find the Fundition link here. So there you go. There are ways for you to start getting your hands on the Untamed packs and Splinterland goodies. Only 17 days left!! Don't miss out!

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 10.46.42 pm.png


animation by @catwomanteresa

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