Can you beat my monkey? He might be little, but he packs a punch!

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It's that time of the week again where those amazing folks over at @splinterlands ask us to SHARE OUR BATTLES.

This is a weekly contest run by the lovely #curation team to encourage ALL #steemmonsters players to share their most recent battles using a specific theme or monster from the game.


This week they have asked us to share a battle involving that lovable, yet underrated character - "the Brownie"


The Brownie should NOT be underestimated, he is an incredibly useful card. With a cost of only 1 MANA, you can almost always find a slot for him in your fighting deck.

Now admittedly, you wouldn't expect much from a card that only costs 1 MANA, but it's not what he brings to the table that makes him so good, it's the BUFFS he gives the other monsters that make him so special....


A good rule to remember in the #splinterlands (when all things are equal) is - "WHO EVER STRIKES FIRST USUALLY WINS". Now I know some people will disagree, but when all cards are equal, positioned the same and standard rules apply, the team that gets lucky and strikes first usually wins. So why not take the luck part out of it??

The +1 SPEED BUFF given by the Brownie to all team monsters can be enough to swing a match in your favour. BUT it's not till lvl4 whe. The Brownie comes into its own!! At this level he gives all melee monsters an extra +1 melee attack. Now that's a game changer!!


Watch this very even match below, where both teams use a lvl 4 brownie and the difference it makes once he's removed:


The battles rules were very simple - FOG OF WAR & LITTLE LEAGUE.

This combination suites me and I have a great starting team for this exact match situation.

Watch this battle HERE

With a relatively high MANA game for little league, I decided to use my Daria Dragonscale, lvl 4, as my summoner to give me access to one of the greatest 4 mana cards the MANTICORE. With a great health, good melee attack and "thorns", it's very well suited to being a tank.

Follow that up with a very speedy Minotaur, with "reach", and you have a great 1-2 combo to defend and attack from the front.

The Goblin sorcerer is a solid card for low league matches. His 2 magic attack is great for taking out monsters with shields and because FOG OF WAR was in play, his attack was aimed at the front card not the rear.

Costing just 4 mana, you can never go wrong by including the Wood Nymph. With tank heal and at lvl 6 gives +1 life, it makes sure all team monsters can fight on that little bit longer.

This is where the little Brownie becomes the star card!! Combining it with my Daria Dragonscale means that I get an extra +2 melee attack to all monsters as well as +1 speed. Watch the match and you'll see why it was so important.

One of the new reward cards, the Vulture doesn't usually make its way in to my starting lineups, but knowing I was combining it with Daria and Brownie it become an incredibly useful attacking weapon.


Once all the cards were revealed I noticed his team monsters were slightly higher level than mine. His Minotaur and Nymph noticeably higher and I know they would cause my problems.

What ended up being my saving grace was the Vulture..... Although sneak and snipe were NOT in play, it didn't stop his OPPORTUNITY ability from causing havoc through @likeastone's back line. It took out the Brownie in the first round and more or less changed the way this match played out. I'm sure if @likeastone had kept his Brownie, there would have been a different outcome in this battle.


So things to learn from this match...

I'm glad I had levelled up my Vulture that morning to get his attack to +2melee. If it had remained a lvl 1 card with only +1 melee then I doubt the battle would have gone my way.

Learning from this strategy, I now plan to level up my PARASITIC GROWTH (there's a sentence I never thought I'd say).


Getting this card to lvl 3 would mean I could diploy the same stratagy as the Vulture. Using Daria and Brownie would give it a +4 melee attack and since it wouldn't be effected by fog of war it would be very useful in future little league matches. I would substitute this card for my Goblin sorcerer if given the option again.



I'm finding a nice thorny Enchanted defender is good Opportunity insurance. Keeps my other low mana cards alive, and dishes out the retribution.

Once again, a card I have but only at lvl 1. What's its mana cost? 8?? Little High for today's battle, but yeah you're spot on.

I'm still 99% of the time sticking to Alpha/Beta cards when selecting fighting decks. I'm still getting my head around all these new reward cards too and where they best slot in to my stratagies.

Only 4 mana. You get him in orbs. You can max one out for $21 just buying off the market, so only 3-4c each. Instead of wrecking your back row, and growing their health via Scavenge they just get wrecked on the thorns.

Lol to the monkey. And it is impressive how you have created your battle post. I love your thumbnails but the post is also really nicely styled. This is top notch.

Tip: On you can grab the images for all cards, including the stats for each level. Just search for your card, right-click on its image and copy the image address.

Like this:

To change the image to the correct level, simply change the number at the end of the link to the level you want.

Like this:


I did see that they did leave a link to that page in the blog, but found the instructions they left harder to follow than yours.

You've made it far easier for me to get the pictures I want now. Thanks for that brilliant tip.

Glad you liked the blog too 😉

Ah yes. Lovely, yes, yes...
Also, I totally DID miss your link on the challenge post! I'm so sorry! Thank you for TAGGING me. I wouldn't ever just skip someone.


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