A little splinter-help needed

in steemmonsters •  last year 

I'm (more or less) new in this game. Playing it for something like 40-50 days now. And every time I think I got it, I see I only touched the surface :P In recent days I managed to play in silver league for first time. And here I'm just decimated :D And I saw what cards people have. Mostly those with life cards including life elemental....win. I may be wrong here, but you can see my loses against such players on attached photo bellow :) Any thoughts about this? And if there may be any site where we can get this cards a bit cheaper? Thanks


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Welcome back @worldfinances after such a long break.

Hope you've been doing well all this while. I checked your profile every week and I already started to worry that you're about to give up on this platform.

Myself I'm not really playing in splinter cards so I won't be much of help this time around. Sorry.

Take care of yourself there! :)


I'm too busy during the summer to write things here. I think somewhere in september will be another re-start :) So when I'm finished with my work, sometimes can play this game for short time. On my other accout I'm just sharing news and music + my thoughts about the content. And that's about it for now. But as I've said, I did not quit. It's just the lack of time and sometimes tiredness, that keep me from posting at the moment.

Thanks for asking though ;)


I'm glad to know that you're fine and well @worldfinances :)

knock knock @worldfinances

I came back again to chec k out your latest publications and show my support and ... nothing new? nada? bububu :(

Cheers, Piotr

knock knock back @crypto.piotr :)

Looks like you missed my comment when I answered you about blogging in September.

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