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RE: SteemPhilly / Splinterlands Meetup - Dec. 4th

in #steemphilly11 months ago

Awwww, I'm disappointed this was arranged on such short notice (just 3 weeks away). That might be fine for locals, but it's very inconvenient for those outside the immediate area. Similarly, having the event randomly in the middle of the week (Wednesday evening) might be convenient for locals but it becomes far less accessible for out-of-towners.

I happen to be visiting Philadelphia but from December 5th-8th and I booked my flight months ago. So unfortunately it looks like I will just miss this event. Oh well. Hope you all have a good time!


Hey my friend, I'm very sorry things worked out this way. Admittedly it's short notice, however next year we plan to make #SteemPhilly events a quarterly event, so you will have an opportunity to join us in the near future and will be give greater notice to ensure the likely hood you can make it!