Splinterlands Battle Challenge - The Naga Fire Wizard and the Purge by Fire!

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I WAS NOT PREPARED! When I started playing Splinterlands I was not prepared! Three months later I am not prepared, three months from now ... I will probably be not prepared! image.png

I am learning new tactics and evolving new winning mechanics. Completing the weekly battle challenge is part of the learning curve.

The last two challenges , the Mushroom Seer and the Naga Warrior, made me feel nostalgic after my World of Warcraft throwback returned. The throwback continued this week with another Naga battle challenge. Melcul story continued ...


Melcul's Outland Expedition - The Purge by Fire!

The Burning Crusade

"The Outlands expedition was destined to fail. The Betrayer is not hiding in here, he is gathering an army. I wondered for weeks in Hellfire Peninsula, before reaching the lush lands of Zangarmarsh.

The waters around the Coilfang Reservoir are infested and ruled with nagas. The hybrid creatures, half snakes - half humans, were high elves many centuries ago but they got cursed by Queen Azshara's actions. image.png

I helped the Sporeggars to clear the Coilfang Reservoir and the Serpentshrine Cavern, banishing Lady Vashj from the Outlands. The remaining nagas were impresed by my power and joined my army. One of them was a powerful Naga Fire Wizard.

After the Naga threat was removed from Zangarmarsh, my journey continued to new lands, in the search for the Black Temple. Exploring a new continent is difficult and an unexpected turn of events took me to the Blade's Edge Mountains, a place invaded by gigantic Dragon-Slayers. I had to purge it by fire! Fire Power geared up and ready to scorch!


As the journey in the Outlands continued, so the use of nagas. After the Naga Warrior, is the turn of the Fire Wizard to show the superior combat skills. I have two issues with this card, the high mana cost and the high market cost. The card is hard to find, and the cost is above the median. image.png

The Naga Fire Wizard feels quite expensive for 8 Mana. Also is a card that I couldn't fine on the market and I had to borrow it from my brother (yes! again!). It has 2 Magic Attack and 2 Speed which is not great compared to the cost. Is a good defensive and long game card, with 6 Health Points, 1 Armor and the Shield Ability.


The Naga Fire Wizard will gain Thorns at level 5 and can be used as a pure caster or as a second tank. Has versatility and can be integrated in different dynamics.


Battle Details and Line-up

The Gods of Random made this battle very competitive thanks to the Silenced Summoners. The Explosive Weaponry boosted all monsters with the Blast ability, each of them doing extra damage to the monsters adjacent to the target. I was able to select the best team thanks to the 40 mana allowance.

Summoner : Malric Inferno (Fire) Gives +1 Attack Power to allied monsters (Silenced)

Living Lava - Main Tank with Retaliate

Fineas Rage - Melee with Reach ability - Using the high speed to nuke

Spark Pixies - Flying with ranged attack

Naga Fire Wizard - Spellcaster with Shield ability

And Miner- Using Scavenger to gain extra HP and reduce the Blast effect.

Sand Worm - High damage and Sneak ability to nuke the ranged/casters

Opponent: Fire Splinter with the Living Lava protecting the ranged monsters.image.png

The Blast from attacks was sharing extra damage but my monsters had more HP and absorbed the splash damage better. The opponent was brought down to only 3 monsters before round one was over.


It was a game of "who nukes first" and the Blast boost made the fight quicker than ever. The difference was made by the high speed of Fineas Rage and the Sneak attack on the back line. The Naga Fire Wizard did an excellent amount of damage and contributed to a well deserved victory.

[See the full battle here:](https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=618d4720e616e0521056f2a1429a6a734f309e02&ref=pvmihalache)


The strategy worked out because the opponent monsters had low health and high damage. The team was made up for a quick fight but ignoring the health aspect made the monsters weak against residual damage from the Blast ability. The Ant Miner was able to tank up health while Fineas Rage was able to hit from the second position, before the opponent turn. The cards power was amplified by the battle mechanics.


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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

This card is very useful, I have mine at level 5 and it's the best.