Splinterlands Mini Stream on Sunday (06/10/19)

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On Sunday, I want to do an opening of a deck of 10 (maybe 20, if I decide to buy another 10 after today but before I stream) #Splinterlands booster packs, as I thought it'd be an interesting thing to do. As I said before, this wouldn't be on Twitch, but on the #Vimm streaming service. I'll, of course, provide details when I intend to stream, but unlike most streams, this will essentially be an hour at most, and for now will be a once-off, until I work out when I want to do some Splinterlands streams, but even then I'll probably cap those streams at an hour at most, in tandem with what will probably be a larger stream on Twitch, or another - or multiple - platform(s).

I need time to work it all out, however, hence why this is somewhat of a once-off. That said though, I do plan to open up all my booster packs on stream, although those openings are sporadic right now, but I may actually buy some booster packs over the month and open them all up at the last Sunday of the month, or the first of the following one (which seems to be how I'm doing it atm), which means it'll be a semi-regular (I may not always buy booster packs) thing I'll do as part of that streaming segment. Also, it gives me an incentive to learn to use the cards I have before adding new ones into the mix, seeing as I have actually yet to dive into Splinterlands properly, hence why this series isn't going to start just yet, as I want to get some practice in, as well as working out timings for events, as I think that if I can start doing the events once a week, as well as a few ranked matches before or after as it means I'll have something to stream!

I've not streamed this sort of format before, so I'll probably be a bit shaky at the start, especially as I'm aware that the game isn't the most visually interesting either, so I'm going to need to come up with something compelling to make the stream at least somewhat entertaining; it's also another reason why I'm keeping it relatively short! Either way, I'm not sure what form the stream will take right now, but it will be my first time streaming on another platform besides Twitch, but I will also need to remember to record the stream locally as well, because I'll be wanting to upload it to YouTube and also DTube, just so I have something else to put on my channels, and unlike the backlogged streams that have yet to come out, this one will be live 48 hours after I've finished the stream, due to not a lot needing to be done.

In any case, I'll post up the details on the usual channels when I'm ready to go live with it, so you'll know where to watch the stream if you want to join me! I'll eventually be streaming once a week on there, so you may want to sign up for an account on there, though I'll hopefully be able to provide some details about what is involved with that before the stream starts if you aren't already a member of #Vimm, or #Steemit! For the purposes of disclosure, I'll be posting up a referral link where possible, so your signing up will be able to support me in some way, seeing as I'm still getting started overall, not just on Vimm!

But that's it for now... I'll be on Twitter, and I might end up visiting people on Twitch, so feel free to say hello if you see me online!

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