Steem is more than Steemit

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Warning: This post will be a bit of a rant. It comes after reading comments from Steemians who still think Steem = Steemit, and try to talk down Steem without any proper understanding of what Steem is becoming.

Steem is more than a content platform

I was in discussion with a Steemian (not so active on Steem these days) about the future of Steem. His thinking goes something like this:

Voice is coming out, and there are other dapps out there that are developing features much faster than Steemit, therefore Steem has little chance of succeeding.

I have heard this argument so many times, and I think it is partly due to poor communication and marketing of what Steem is becoming.

My picture of what Steem is becoming

Steem is much more than blogging. It is becoming an ecosystem held together by diverse communities, that will each have their own tokens in the future. It is already happening with SCOT, and will be developed even further with Communities and SMTs.

My activity on Steem and how it is changing my habits

  • Through using Actifit, it is encouraging me to exercise more, and I have become more conscious of exercising daily as a result.
  • Steem Monsters is probably one of the best investments I've made and has introduced me to the world of gaming and collectables
  • SCOT Tribes such as SportsTalk and Creative Coin has developed my appreciation of the diversity of these communities.
  • Steem Hunt has introduced me to new gadgets and tools.
  • Three Speak has shown me what is possible with Steem in giving the sensored a voice and true freedom of speech

Yes, so Steem is much more than Steemit, and even content creation. It consists of dapps such as games, product review apps, health apps, video platforms, diverse communities and much much more. And we are just getting started. Hold on for the ride, once the rest of the crypto world catches on to the vision of this New Steem we are building here, we will start reaping the rewards.

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Watch out for the launch of NFTs on Steem-engine in the next month or so.
That's never (to my knowledge) been done before.
Feels like an absolute powder keg.

O yes, I totally forgot about that. Will be exciting to see what people do with that.

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Steem is more than just blogging steem covers a wide varieties of niches and activities . Just like we have sports tribe, health tribe, investment tribe and so on. So steem is a multi facet blockchain @nextgen622

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