Vlog 436: HF21 consensus reached + Coindesk Steem article + Preparing for HF21 + Splinterlands all time high.

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17 out of 20 witnesses have now switched to HF21.

17 is the minimum number of witnesses that need to give consensus otherwise the hard fork won't take place.

Screenshot 2019-08-16 at 10.48.18.png

It's looking now that we have reached consensus and the hard fork will take place 27th of August.

News outlets are picking up on the news. Especially the implementation of the SPS or Steem.DAO.

Even Coindesk wrote about it.

Coindesk Article. (In my vlog I mistakenly say Coinbase).

HF21 will bring a lot of changes to Steem besides the SPS.

New changes in the economic model and a downvote pool to name a few.

Everything about Steem will change (once again) and we all will have to adjust to a new paradigm.

It's called New Steem and I do think it has a nice ring to it.

Me? I will just get on with it and I'm buying more STEEM to prepare for it.

Curating will make a lot more sense with New Steem. I'm looking forward to seeing what my vote will be worth.

But there are also people that are not solely focusing on earning STEEM anymore and just putting all their efforts into Steemhunt earning crypto there or focusing on a specific tribe or just building a business on Steem.

The possibilities are endless.

Other cool news:

Splinterlands hit a new all-time high. It doesn't give a shit about the price of Steem. It just keeps going up. It's wonderful to see.

What a showcase why it makes sense to build on Steem. All those players probably only need a 100SP to play the game and transact with the blockchain for FREE but they are buying thousands of dollars worth of cards a day!

I talk about it more in my vlog.

I am part of witness @blockbrothers.

Please consider us for your witness vote if you think we deserve it here:

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yep we will adapt! Might turn off the vote selling soon :)

I'm watching u :P

oi get back to work. go write something :)

Might do, but it is Friday night so I might also be just eating Pizza and drinking beer.

Is the Steem DAO inspired by the Dash DAO?

I think it was inspired by the Bitshares one.

I personally couldn't imagine making content every day for 2 years,credit to you :')

Wow @exyle! What an info packed vlog. Congrats on the Steem stacking that's awesome. I hope to get some more myself. It's so cool to be part of this new paradigm. Have a fantastic day!

New steem....like new coke? 🤔

I'm powering up a bit myself. What I can afford at least.

And picking up more monster cards. I'm really starting to like this game.

I will listen to the blog in the morning... Or soon since I can't sleep now.

I always power up small
Even yesterday I did
All because I am waiting
for the bull run coming
I believe putting some
effort can yield something
good. Thanks, Damn!

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I still think it is crazy that so many people are buying cards lately. Like I said, I wasn't so sure that they would get through all the Beta packs by the time they had picked. I thought sure they were just going to have to burn the rest. It is exciting they might not have to do that. HF21 is definitely going to be interesting.

That is good new :)) Thanks for the Update.

Do you think that the new curation system will nerf the upvote bots? They will need 33% more time to regenerate but will get 100% more curation - all values relative.

I believe currently the utility of the tribes and projects like dtube DTC, steemhunt token will keep people on Steem irregardless of the outcome of the hardfork really. I basically hope the tribes Will becoming valuable in the long run because that's important all in all curation May be better and I hope we experience more utility as a result of steem's value in the long run.

lets see how the HF Will turn out to be

Everything is set I guess to take off

Interesting to see no “buy the rumor” rally in the price which is good as there should be no selling it either. FOMO is coming into Splinterlands market!

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Once again you have a beautiful video that you have given us. In fact, I find that the videos you share with us all the time are bad, and of course you like the things you share with us.

Shared some very important points today, and of course I agree with you that different platforms have different system types and they want to do one in a different way and one way. And the word you said about voting sailing is very effective.

Sad to say, I've been on this platform for quite some time and I upload videos every day, but haven't seen anyone who subscribe to me or watch my video, but if there are people like you, there is definitely hope for something better.

@exyle, Some effective platforms are spreading the word and definitely it's a boost for the Steem in the point of view of Visibility. I am excited for the HF21 and change always bring newness too.

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