Bitcoin Will Reach 50% Global Adoption Within 6 Years!?

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Today we'll be talking about the exponential nature of Bitcoin adoption, as is the case with other forms of technology.

With around 1% of the world having already adopted Bitcoin and/or other cryptocurrencies, and estimates that Bitcoin adoption approximately doubles each year, it would take just 6 years for more than half of the planet to adopt cryptocurrencies. Pretty incredible, huh?

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If global unrest start to accelerate due to the irresponsible money printing and debt bubbles, there is no way adoption does not increase along with price!

I think the only way I can see this happening is if people end up using BTC without actually knowing about it, through btc being what a new national currency is backed by for example. Or prehaps national ID being validated by blockchain. I guess a pension fund buying in would mean technically everyone in the fund had some exposure so if we consider things like that it sounds more plausable.

Amazing fact. If this thing happened truly then John Macfee may win his bet.
Secondly, 50% means more than 5 billion people will be using bitcoin in 2025. At 1% usage we gain a price of 10-12K$ and at 50% might be 0.7M$ per bitcoin....Shocking

Hello @louisthomas, how are you doing? Indeed, nowadays other bitcoin and cryptocurency are growing very rapidly. This is because the transaction process is more efficient than using an ordinary bank. Have a nice day, sir.

I’m thinking 10+ years... we the early birds 😂

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Bitcoin is also doubling in value every year.
Let's remember that Bitcoin is only worth $5000 right now.
In ten years it will be 5 million.

At 1% global adoption, that's saying that 75 million people have some crypto. I thought the number was closer to about 30 million. May have to add an extra year to reach 50% adoption.

Historical raise of the value and adoption doesn't necessarily mean future continuation of the trend. My thoughts are that it might take a bit longer than you are predicting. A cataclysm in the world's economy might trigger a huge gains for bitcoin. And by my opinion this is what will boost adoption of bitcoin in the future.

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This is really true looking at the current trend that bitcoin is moving by 2025 as you you have illustrated maybe it will be higher than that.

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