Purchsed the Spellbook 🍻

in Splinterlands3 months ago

Namaskar / Hello to hive user I hope you are doing great and having fun in your life and enjoying it with your loved ones

I have joined the game few months ago don't know what is the exact month or date but I have started it, and didn;t have any idea how to play and other thing about this game recently saw a giveaway of splinderlands and saw how excited everyone is for that after that I have started paying the game again I have no idea that I have to buy
spellbook to have the real benefits of the game.

I thought i will buy it next month but can't stop my self to but the pack 😀. and finally the day came and I have purchased the spellbook and got a gift card that is crystal jaguar



i have no idea of the game at all, help me guys to be a better payer I will sure do my best to learn this game as fast I can off course I will I have invested in it 😀

Help me out guys I am a noob player here, I will wait for your help.

Thanks a lot for being here, Let me know what you think all about this.





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