Splinterlands Strategies: Cheap Pick-Ups

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I have to concede, I haven’t bought any Splinterlands cards for some time. I felt my deck was good enough to make it to Diamond II if I pushed each season, so why bother?

After the end of the season, I get kicked into Gold II for a while, and then I would not play for a couple of days waiting for the dust to settle.


Moving up the Gold ranks then becomes easy enough, with half of your opponents those 'enminers' BOT things which frankly are not very bright.

After accumulating a large stash of DEC and committing to 11 guaranteed plots of land (thanks @davemccoy), I felt a few cards needed maximising to the levels I won't go beyond.

Some of the buys are reward cards and cheap for their power level. Let’s face it, we don’t get so many cards handed out now due to DEC and potions rewards which are useless unless you are buying packs.


Silvershield Sheriff

In high mana matches, Silvershield Sheriff is a must-play. A hard-hitting, sniper with the possibility of THREE abilities makes him very attractive.

Sherriff  Stats.JPG

I have been slowly leveling him relying on rewards cards, and even at level 3 was actively using him in matches.

The Protect ability at level 6 was attracting me and getting him there did not cost much.

Sherriff  Price.JPG

At just under 5c a card or the equivalent of 52 DEC each, I could win TWO matches and be able to afford one with my winnings.


Electric Eels

From a now out-of-print expansion, I rarely use this card so it was not such a high priority for me to buy just THREE more Eels to get mine to level 5 and be awarded the awesome Blast ability.

ElectricEel  Stats.JPG

The fact Eels has reach combined with this new ability won me over and though the Eels are relatively expensive for a rare card, there are few Water cards with 'Reach'.

ElectricEel  Price.JPG

Electric Eels is great for those melee-only rule-sets where Water is the splinter you need to use and at 14c each or 155 DEC he may not be your priority.


Grim Reaper

The powerful but low health Grim Reaper is another card I find myself using in higher mana Death matches. Stick him in the mid-ranks, hope your opponent is not using 'Opportunity’ and he can cleave some decent damage.

GrimReaper  Stats.JPG

Like Silvershield Sheriff, I have found myself using Grim Reaper at half power, he's that good. I have now leveled him to 5 for the 'Opress' ability.

Level 6 does not seem worthwhile for the extra hitpoint. Opress of course is the bane of Lord Arianthus, a card used often and also often by me.

GrimReaper  Price.JPG

Grim Reaper is a cheap card at 4.5c or 47 DEC. I feel he’s worthwhile just for the extra ability.


Sand Worm

This slow plodding monster hits like a truck and I was using him in high mana matches even at level one.

SandWurm  Stats.JPG

Level 6 was my objective and the 'Snare' ability. While it's less exciting than some other abilities, I like the fact that this giant creature is going to hit those evasive opponents without issues anymore.

One big hit can be the difference between a victory or a defeat. Sand Worms used to be expensive for a common, and being neutral adds value to them.

SandWurm  Price.JPG

I was surprised to see they are now selling cheaper than any of the other cards I have mentioned at a mere 3.4c or 36 DEC each.

I feel this is a must-have card, as it fits in any deck with an over 40 mana requirement.


A summary of this article would be the focus on abilities. I like abilities more than just minor stat increases. Global buffs such as 'Protect' even more so.

Look for cards that contain these abilities, they are valuable even if others think otherwise.


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I Hope I get Some Land @slobberchops

Contact @davemccoy on Discord, if there's space in the Land Region pool group you will guaranteed some.

I feel like it gets much too hard at the higher Gold ranks. You have all the people that really belong in Diamond or Champion that are gunning for the top three spots to get those cards. It makes it really hard to move on to the next level. I struggle to make it to my max of Diamond II each season now. I am still trying to find a way to maximize my DEC earning.

I would not say I struggle but can't be bothered most of the time. I want some spark of newness to get me back into Splinterlands. Other than new cards, there has been little change for a long time besides the UI.

Yeah, I can understand that. Hopefully land will be that spark, but that is still a long long way off.

I may have to level up my Electric Eel. I'd not looked at it that closely as I tend to use Wave Runner in second place if using melee. I have a gold Sand Worm, but it's obviously expensive to level up. I just like having gold cards :)

Wave Runner uses knockout, which relies on other circumstances. I am not a fan of that ability and the card is one more mana to cast than the Eel. I tend to sell gold's these days, but have some levelled ones I use.

Thanks for sharing.

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Sand worm kicks ass. A good spirit of the Forrest killa

Diamond level? -Soft! Come to champ - saves the hassle of dropping to gold :)

Champ means lots more summoners which means lots more money. I don't enjoy the game enough now to bother. When the land thing kicks in, it will be exciting again. That's all gone for me, as the scenery does not change frequently enough.

Good point. Iv'e been playing less then a year so all good here... for now :)

Oh nice, didn't check the Sandworm for a while - I totally want him at lvl 10 because than we will finally kill of those nasty backline flyers with armor in one hit. Time for some shopping!

Regarding the the Silvershield Sherrif - he's one of the cards that are amazing in theory but that I find myself to use rarely. In most occasions I either end up building a "tank heal&repair" line up or a "melee attack against the back line" line up and he fits in neither one of them.

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I bought quite a few Sand Worms before publishing this, raising the price.. sorry! I'm only taking him to Level 6, beyond that is not cost effective.

They're some good cards.

The Eels have a great win rate especially.

If you can stretch to a bit more then Tower Griffen and Elven Mystic, both neutrals, great win rates, and good buffs at L5 - and they're rare so you don't need too many of them to get them up that far.

They are cheap for what they are at around 8-10 cents ATM.

If you want a good investment - the Onyx Sentinel - it's basically Lord A, but 3 times as cheap.

Also that repairing/ return firing magic thing from Earth - it's quite fun when return fire works. That's cheap for what it is too.

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they're rare so you don't need too many of them to get them up that far.

That's the good things about rares, you don't need 180 of the damn things to get to Level 6 (my max for rares).

Tower Griffen and Elven Mystic,

Will check them out, thanks.

that repairing/ return firing magic thing from Earth

I'm levelling one up, there's few Earth cards that have armour though, unless it's a rule game that gives 2 each. Maybe there's a neutral card with Protect, I will need to look.

That neutral card would be the Tower Griffen!

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