Aggroed Buys Moon Land For Splinterlands.

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Aggroed is a Hive user who runs the Splinterlands projects, a complex fantasy game on the Hive blockchain. Users can collect monster cards and battle them, as well as buy land. There are in game markets where users can buy and sell assets. Splinterlands is the largest game on the Hive blockchain.

"A lot of people don't realize that I've actually made a few million from the Splinterlands game," said Aggroed laughing. "It's pretty strange to think of myself as a millionare. I've actually only spend a few thousand of it ... and most of that was re-investing. I'm not the expensive vacation to Greece type."
Aggroed recalls being approached by an eccentric billionare investor about buying moon property. "I thought the guy was nuts, but he made lot of money so I put him in touch with my team of lawyers. It turns out he really did have a claim to some large chunks of moon property... like actual land deeds that you could sell to a team of Chinese scientists or something to mine with."

"These plots of Moon property could have an INSANE rate of investment," said Aggroed. "You could sell them to anyone. A conspiracy theorist could pay a million for each plot. You could sell them on Ebay technically. Only certain people can travel to the moon legally of course, so probably NASA will buy them or maybe Chinese or European space agencies."

"I've been frantically thinking of a use case for these moon plots. Of course I thought about ways to link the moon plots to Splinterlands. Everyone would flock to the Hive blockchain if there was a game that eventually paid back on a billion dollar investment. Not to mention commercial flights might be possible some day. Maybe this could even help make the moon less private."
"The first thing I'm going to do as a Moon resident is clean up some of the Space debris," said Aggroed. "I don't want a bunch of NASA garbage falling onto my new plots before I can even visit. Plus, it's my way of giving back for the millions I have made on the Hive blockchain. Therefore, when I launch the Moon project, I will be investing 5% of Splinterland profits to cleaning up space junk."

Aggroed says that more hive users should invest in space. "Remember, space is the final fronteer. If we can get the Hive blockchain off the Earth, then we will really be cooking with Gasoline ... or more specifically Hydrogen ... which is what our spacecraft will use. I'm saying too much at this point. Let's just say Elon Musk is going to be jealous of this project."


I’m pretty sure those of us on here know that he’s quite the millionaire lol no doubt about that!

Cool move buying virgin land on the moon. Wonder if we will live to see it traveled to.