Splinterlands - Starting As A Noob

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So, lets talk about Splinterlands.
You've probably already heard about it if you're somewhat active on Hive. It's one of the popular (Hive-) blockchain based games. If not, then you will now...


First, let me get something clear: I started with this game 4 days ago. Many features are yet totally new for me and I have only a basic understanding of the game.
BUT that's what this post is all about. Giving YOU an easy to follow overview through the eyes of a noob.

If you are an experienced player, please share your knowledge or advice with us in the comments :)

Getting Started

Having an Hive-Account makes the start very easy. Go to https://splinterlands.com user your Hive Login. Boom. Done.

The user interface is colorfull but not yet overfilled with stuff. Navigation is easy and a green "Learn" waves at you.
And that's exactly where we go...

The learning page is - in my opinion - a bit too high level. Yes, there is also an FAQ, but many features like card trading, card values or some simple guidelines on how to improve or where to start after your first games would be nice.


Nevertheless, you get a basic understanding on how the cards work how a battle is beeing processed.
If you already have some experience in TCGs like Magic - The Gathering or Hearthstone then you will have an easier start, since the basic principles are very similar.

Getting An Overview

After learning about the basics I checked out my available cards.
Good to know: you start with a basic set of cards of each "Element" (Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Death and Neutral). Each with a Summoner which is defining the element you play in the battle.


Already the starter set contains a lot of cards. I don't know how many there are in total, but browsing through the market place shows that there are plentyfull. Cool for collectors.

As a beginner, you start in the Novice league. Working your way through Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond up to Champion (each league is divided in 3 parts -> e.g. Bronze I, II and III ) will be your challange.


Getting Better

Here comes the catch. But to be fair, it is not really a catch.
First, you need to pay ~10€ for the starter pack and the access to ranked matches. I am ok with that. The game seems to be well developed and as a hobby gamedev myself I feel that it is well earned.

To progress in the ranking system you not only need to gain Ranking Points but also Power. You gain power by collecting ("owning") cards. And you you get cards by getting them in the Chest of your daily quest (cool idea though), in the chests of your league rewards (every 2 weeks or so) OR... you guessed it... you buy them.

That means, you need to spend money (oder the ingame currency Dark Crystals, which can be obtained by playing as well, but slowly) if you want to progress.


So, why is it NOT really a catch? Everyone who ever played a TCG knows, you wont get that fancy monster if you don't buy some card packs. Magic does it, Hearthstone does it and Splinterlands does it too.
BIG PLUS: In Splinterlands, you are able to sell your earned Crystalls and Cards for Cryptos. Something that other games do not offer. And thats a good thing, I would say.

Getting Wins

My first days were kinda up and downs. Won many games and lost many games. Still learning new things every day, but by know I am quite intriguied in continuing playing.

Last but not least, on of my first wins ever :)


Link to the match:

So what about you? Have you already been playing Splinterlands? What are your thoughts about it? Any tips and tricks for newcommers?

And last but not least, shout out for the helpfull discord community at https://discord.gg/CAFJRjY which answered every of my newb questions :D


Owning your cards, decentralized market places, hyperdeflation on all editions - this is the stuff that is changing the industry.



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