I've made yet another decision....

I've decided that for the time being, I'm not going to put on any regular streams until February next year. Now, whilst I might still do a sporadic stream, I realised that it's probably best to use the remaining months of this year, plus January (which is also my "holiday month") to work on producing some content, tying up loose ends, and getting some projects off the ground, as well as trying to sort out the courses I'm on, as they have been sorely neglected, and as I'm playing a lot of money to do the courses, I need to make them a priority!

In any case, I will still be uploading photos, and producing videos (and uploading them in due course), as well as preparing for my first proper SGU Thrifts session from January-March, for editing and production in April, which hopefully gives me enough time to do stuff! I do have some other projects that should see the light of day between now and when I start streaming back up, such as the beyond outstanding #Cybiko #video, amongst others (not necessarily Geeked Up Network); I haven't been in the right state of mind to film any videos lately, but I'm hoping that without the thoughts of streaming consuming me, I should be able to hammer out more outstanding stuff (such as unboxing video)... or at least that's the plan anyway.

One stream I will be doing, albeit sometime in the first half of November is the #Splinterlands Booster Pack Opening stream I've mentioned in the past; the reason I'm saying in the first half of November is that I want to pick up a few more booster packs, although it seems that the booster packs I bought are the last of the previous set, meaning that I'll be buying from the new set now, but it does mean that I'll have another hour-long stream opening those too, although I'll probably open those at the first 2 weeks in December to maintain consistency with opening the booster packs I bought previously!

In any case, I do eventually want to also start streaming my play sessions of Splinterlands, but at the same time, I'm not starting that till February at the earliest, as I want to use the time to practice the game so I can learn how to stream Splinterlands, as it's a different beast to streaming games, for a variety of reasons, not least because it's a new platform, and I'll need to also record my screen, rather than a window, which I have done before, but the activity on the screen will be a bit less exciting than usual, hence why I'd cap each stream (for now) to 1-2 hours at most.

In any case, even if I'm not streaming, I will be fairly active on social media if anyone wants to drop me a line. I will be restarting Ion Maiden in February (though I'll probably play on the easiest difficulty level as practice, so I have a better grounding in the game) at the previous difficulty level, or maybe the 3rd difficulty (assuming I was at 2nd). I haven't an idea what I'll be doing about the other streaming segments, but I now have plenty of time to think about it!

Either way, I'll be uploading some photos to #Instagram soon, so look out for those over the coming weeks. If #Steepshot behaves, I might be able to upload more photos to there too, but we'll see what happens, as I may decide to upload photo posts here instead!

Until next time, take care and catch you later on!