Hive is Growing and You're an Early Adopter


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Anyone who has been around the Hive community for any amount of time quickly sees the value and how much development goes on with the developers in the background. Innovations, games, extensions, improvements and NFTs are par for the course here on Hive. I've posted many times about Hive's massive potential, had long and engaging conversations after reading other excellent posts and opinions and we all agreed that Hive's day will come and when it does, it could well go parabolic. I spoke a few weeks ago about those gathering togther for Thanksgiving and the fact that this would drive a large rise for Hive and other Crypto assets, as our community brings tales of NFTs, paid posting and paid gaming to dinner tables across America and it seems to be playing out.


The very nature of Hive and the blogging part of its ecosystem, where 4000 to 5000 new posts are written daily means that there isn't a better and more aligned Crypto community out there than Hive. This community based project is like tinder to a fire and as more and more of us spread the word about earning a passive income on Hive, Splinterlands, 3speak, Leo and many more Hive-based initiatives, that fire will grow stronger and stronger.


Just like a fire in real life, there will be those who want to extinguish this virtual fire and question our foundation, our developers, our motivation and web 3.0 in general. Be careful here and don't buy into any of that negative narrative. Instead continue to grow your account and remember that everyday is a learning day and you are surrounded by mainly altruistic people who want you to succeed and grow and flourish. Let's be honest and admit that the main driving force that brought most people here was a financial motivation to make money, however when you strip that away and look at the lifeblood, it is a community, with scarcely any trolls or assholes, which is quite amazing in this ever more connected world we live in. I believe that even if the financial element was entirely removed, many would stay just for the community and comradeship built up over years.


Peaks and Troughs

Remember that Mr. Issac Newton knew a thing or two about a thing or two. Newton's 3rd law tells us that

Every action has an equal, opposite reaction.

To put it another way, what goes up must come down. This will always be true for assets like property, shares and Cryptocurrencies, so it is important to realise that eventually our recent rise to $3+ will likely subside. It may then rise again and I certainly believe it will and I mentioned $5 Hive last week, but inevitably it will continue to ebb and flow. There will be times when it drops well below its true value and many newer joiners may even leave for a while or for good, but truthfully, that's probably the best time to be active here in this community, beavering away when the bear market is all around. Some of the most successful people here on hive did just that in the past and I have learned from them and will be ready next time.












You're still early


Any of my regular readers will know that this is something I repeat all the time. I know that I probably sound like a broken record, but for the benefit of any new eyeballs reading this post, I will reiterate it. You are an early adopter You are here before the masses. Less than 5% of the population of the world owns Crypto assets and a large proportion are the younger generation and guess what there's lots more young, tech savvy kids coming right up behind them, so give it a few years and we will quickly get 10%. What will that mean for Hive? $5? $10? $20? I don't think those numbers are fanciful. I truely think they are achievable if we stay on our current trajectory.

That's it from me. Thanks for stopping by.

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