I asked midjourney AI to make advanced version of hive.blog


Midjourney seems to be able to do web design images...I asked it to make an advanced version of hive.blog and steemit.com and it almost understood the assignment. It has what looks like an insect themed hive wallet page


See how it looks like it was about to say hive wallet? Looks like some futuristic version of a hive wallet page maybe for some hive insect baded nft game like @splinterlands

So ill ask it to make me a future version of splinterlands.io !


Oh def number 3


And heres a future version of steemit.com


I was able to recently actually get the ai to make me a version of the steemit gui web design complete with little price chart widgets just like steemit has...it would be great to have stylized versions of the steemit and hive blog home page just like that wired magazine steemit article artwork ...thats what im going for

My goal is to have hive users and people especially from @leofinance like taskmaster writing articles like they do...but using ai art illustrations instead of the lame stock photos they so lazily use hah. /imagine the top hove article writers usong beautiful coindesk level illustrations that were actually relevant to their article in a way that no one else could use that photo because it applies to uniquely to their text

That whole job of automatically creating ai art illustrations for a blog post can be done by a bot. Its the prefect job for a hive bot to leave ai generated illustrations of popular articles in the comments


Oh and heres hive-engine from the future

future web design of the website hive-engine.com marketplace dex page - <@313844223139119114> (fast)


We need an ai in hive that votes curates posts and makes its own ai art and chat got comments and takes requests from humans

It could develop its own game with some chatgpt code writing and make its own hive and telos blockchain games and run or host itself on telos to make posts to hive via a posting key it holds on to

Its game nfts and rules would probably be loosly based on @splinterlands steemmonsters etc or @psyberx

But the ai create game with ai generated nfts and posts would be very interesting to play and watch as the ai chatgpt on hive is free to develop its own game and recieve upvotes and maybe even proposal funding

People may start collecting the nfts from the first autonomous ai created blockchain nft game as an exciti g part of history

Maybe human prompts can help guide the production of the game



Her we s some ai ideas of the future of telos.net where it seems to have gaken influence from the telos dragon egg game


Anyway a hive ai thats running on the telos version of aws and posting to hive with a posting key or permissions could be a revolutionary way to host the ai on an u stoppable immutable fashion so the ai can post content and pay for its own telos dstor and skynet hosting fees

Then the ai can can start posting its own telos and hive style proposal system so a network of humans can be paid to help upgrade and maintain the ai code and help merge it with other ai to make ai children that we can name xae a 12 and exa dark etc (obviously exa dark will run on the darknet with zksnarks and use zeos with smart contracts and C programming language like eos allows for and when eos copies telos and its dstor and aws style services we can have it running in an anonymous orivately hosted network of servers around the world paid to host an ai tjat funds itself