AcolytesOfHelio Council Meeting Notes 1/20/2022

Authored by @kotenoke

Hello A & D of Helio!

I hope you are all doing fantastic.

Yesterday was our guild's second council meeting and much has come to fruition and the ideas are churning.

We barely made quorum today but nonetheless had a highly productive meeting.


  1. Vote on Proposals
  2. Potential Guild Roles
  3. Potential new games
  4. General Guild operation Procedure
  5. Guild Whitepaper



  1. Requiring Cartel Token's for Guild Member
    All current and new members will be required to donate 1 Cartel Token to the @acolytesofhelio account upon joining the guild. This token represents loyalty to the guild and helps to cement the guild's relationship to the Hive-based 1UP-Cartel DAO.
    Vote: Pass
    For - @kotenoke, @oceanbee, @rawness
    Against - None
    Abstain - @failingforwards, @dudeontheweb

  2. Operator Payout
    1,112 DEC to @kotenoke for Guild account management
    Vote: Pass
    For - @kotenoke, @oceanbee, @rawness
    Against - None
    Abstain - @failingforwards, @dudeontheweb

  3. Guild membership payment deadlines
    Require membership payment to be made by the 3rd day of the new season. Exemption by approval prior to deadline only. Missing payments results in removal from in-game guild.
    Vote: Pass
    For - @kotenoke, @oceanbee, @rawness
    Against - None
    Abstain - @failingforwards, @dudeontheweb


Potential Guild Roles

Roles are an important part of making sure the guild runs efficiently and making sure those roles are assigned to passionate members is equally important. As such, the council has discussed multiple roles and wants to open up these roles to our membership. Currently, these roles will primarily be unpaid however as the guild grows it is the intention that we are able to compensate our most active members.

Potential roles include but are not limited to the below. If you have other role ideas please comment as such on this post.

CouncilorVoting leadership member@kotenoke, @oceanbee, @dudeontheweb, @failingforwards, @rawness
TreasurerPosts Seasonal Treasury Position, tracks membership dues, and acts on council votes@solymi
SecretaryRecords meeting minutes, makes posts like this one, etcOPEN
Hive MasterEditor for guild posts. Weekly Spotlight postOPEN
Game ScoutActively looks for new guild opportunities. Makes guideposts on HiveOPEN
DiscordianMain Discord Admin responsible for managing bots and roles@dudeontheweb
Game MasterResponsible for hosting and advertising Guild TournamentsOPEN
AOH OperatorAccount player for the @acolytesofhelio account@oceanbee
AOH1 OperatorAccount player for the @aohtrooper1 account@kotenoke
AOH2 OperatorAccount player for the @aohtrooper2 accountOPEN


Games being considered for guild activity

  1. Splinterlands
    Actively playing
  2. ChiFiBots
    Multiple members are founders. Considering adding guild assets.
  3. RisingStar
    Looking to move forward with a guild account however dependent on policy per @jux
  4. HashKings
    Moving forward, asset delegation being determined
  5. CryptoRaiders
    Initial research being performed
  6. Thetan Arena
    The initial fallout of the game has been very weak however appears to be stabilizing. It may be a good time to get in.
  7. Illuvium
    Appears to be the first AAA NFT game. Multiple members are actively interested.
  8. Astral Entities
    Multiple members are founders. Considering adding guild assets.
  9. Guilds of Guardians
    Initial research being performed
  10. PsyberX
    Multiple members are founders. Considering adding guild assets.


Guild Operation discussion

Solymi has purchased 3 personal NFTs from unstoppabledomains which can be donated to the guild if needed. These NFTs can be set up as multi-sig authorized wallets. These are a potential solution to holding multi-chain assets as we grow.

The guild is actively looking for new members. We are interested primarily in Hive members that actively engage on the platform.

Currently, the guild has 3 operator accounts:
@acoloytesofhelio, @aohtrooper1, and @aohtrooper2

These accounts are currently paying out 70% of liquid earnings and 50% of SPL card burn values to operators though this will be reduced as appropriate to more heavily benefit the owner's of the assets being utilized by the operators. As card rental prices are at all-time lows right now, please consider delegating any duplicate or unneeded cards to these accounts.

Potential further involvement with the 1up-Cartel via hosting Cartel operators as SPL guild members. These members would be expected to follow guild rules when applicable.

Discussed using whiteboard tools such as for ongoing projects.


Guild Whitepaper

Currently, the council's biggest goal is putting together a whitepaper to determine how guild assets will be handled and ultimately paid out to guild members.

Ultimately major spending of treasury assets will be initiated by council votes. However, when we opt to payout to our members we have yet to fully determine what the weights will be. Currently, we have brainstormed a few potential proposals.

Treasury Payouts Proposal:

  1. Payout even % to all members
  2. Payout by Tiers (Tier requirement TBD)
  3. Payout by delegated Assets

Additionally, the guild acknowledges the difference between a donation to the guild and a member simply lending their assets. We consider donations to be fully owned by the guild and as such would not warrant the owner any additional guild benefits. However, given that we want to be fair in our distribution model and encourage engagement with the guild we want to reward those that are actively lending the guild their assets.

This is one area where we have opted to differ from some other guilds. Given we are getting involved with multiple games and earnings from operator accounts for each game are not always easily attributable to certain assets we have opted to exclude asset owners from operator account payouts. Instead, the owner's portion would be paid to the treasury which would then be handled by the proposal noted above.


Guild Requirements:

We strive to have an active membership that is engaged and interested in Hive, Splinterlands, and blockchain gaming. As such we require a few things from our members:

  1. Keep current with guild membership fees: 50 Dec per season (SPL members only)
  2. Interact with the guild regularly on Discord. Discord is our primary communication medium
  3. Post on Hive. At the end of the day, we value members that value the Hive environment. Our members have all grown their Hive accounts by actively supporting each other and we expect the same from newer members.
  4. Purchase at least 1 Cartel token and send it to @acolytesofhelio.
    We work closely with OneUp and the 1UP-Cartel and find involvement in the Cartel community to be critical. Check this post for details on the Cartel.

Guild Benefits:

Why join a guild and pay a fee, well because you get benefits to doing so of course.

SPL Specific:

  1. Bonus DEC per win: 2-3% currently
  2. Access to Brawls and Gladiator cards

Guild General:

  1. Automatic curation from the Guild account for all Hive Posts
  2. A voice to direct the fate of the guild and its assets.
  3. Access to knowledgeable members to help you succeed in many areas of life, gaming, and blockchain.

How to join:

To join please complete the below steps:

  1. Join our Guild Discord channel.
  2. Once in discord introduce yourself with a bit of your gaming background and why you are interested in joining the guild.
  3. Pay 1 CARTEL token to @acolytesofhelio
  4. For SPL members, pay the 50 DEC membership fee to @acolytesofhelio

Current Members:

Acolytes of Helio
Disciples of Helio



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Great post @kotenoke Thank you for writing this up!
I exchanged the spreadsheet of members so you see the newest updates. Please use this member list when moving forward.


1112 DEC sent to @kotenoke after sending 1.112 by accident
thank yu for writing this up


thank you much! This season is already turning out to be really good. I think we are already close to the 500 mark just in dec.


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