The 3 Punch Knockout | Splinterlands X Social Media Challenge

Hello, splinter cells. I hope you guys are doing well in this fall season, where I am staying is having fall season at least, haha.


Today, with the dawn of the beginning of the new season I am going to show you some crazy stuff in the Bronze III league with a quick ending, hence the title.

Before we get to the battle, I must address 4 aspects of the post:

  • First: Battle Conditions.
  • Second: Pre-Battle Details.
  • Third: Major Events.
  • Four: Results.

So, let's get right into it.


Battle Conditions

Screenshot (890).png

The mana cap was 40 and there were 3 summoners to choose from: Life, Death, and Dragon. In my honest opinion, Dragon summoners in this extremely high mana cap can dominate almost any monsters with their abilities. But, I went with my good old Death summoner, Thaddius Brood.

Battle rules:

  • Silent Summoners: Summoners will give no stat buffs or debuffs and use no abilities.


Battle Details

Screenshot (881).png

Let’s start off with my side:

Tank: Cursed Windeku(Ability: Thorns). This one is capped at level 2 so it has an attack of 2 with a huge HP of 10 and the summoner is capped at level 2 even though I got it to level 6.

Melee Attackers: Arachne Thug(Ability: Reach), Undead Badger(Ability: Sneak), Silent Sha-vi(Ability: Sneak).
Ranged Attackers: Queen Of Crows(Ability: Headwinds).
Magic Attackers: Kain Hace(Ability: Blast, Reflection Shield).

What I wanted was to attack from both the front and back. Hence, I placed my monster with the high speed, Sha-vi, in the back as it could dodge enemy attacks, and behind the Queen of Crows, I kept the deadly Kain Hace to allow it to do as much damage as possible. Queen of Crows would reduce all the ranged attacks by 1 and Kain Hace would have a chance to inflict blast effects on the enemy monsters. The tank would do a thorn damage when hit and the Arachne Thug does a generous damage on their tank even though it has a reduced HP.

The damage from melee attackers is 9, from Ranged attackers, is 2, and from the magic attacker is 3. Considering a thorns ability, we get an overall of 11 damage. Should the Kain Hace inflict the blast damage, the damage of 2 befall the enemy behind the tank every round without fail. Hence, a grand total of 18 damage every round.

Summoner: Thaddius Brood(Decrease in HP and magic by 1).

Tank: Cthulu(Ability: Cripple, Flying).
Magic attackers: Usut(Ability: Bloodlust, Flying), Ancient Lich(Ability: Leech), Kain Hace(Ability: Blast, Reflection Shield).
Melee attackers: Corpse Fiend(No Ability).

His strategy was a bit off the mark. He sacrificed strength in numbers for more magic attackers with less speed. That way, he was bound to lose since he would get to attack at the last. Regardless, his monsters, when they get their turn, would absolutely destroy my attackers while gaining HP.

His combined magic damage comes at 11. Counting the blast damage of 2, it comes to a grand total of 13 damage per round.



Round 1

Screenshot (882).png

Since there was no summoner trait the battle starts right away. In the first turn, the Undead Badger eliminates the free monster in the back that he wanted to feed to me to save his Kain Hace.

Screenshot (883).png

The Silent Sha-vi goes next and demolishes that which my opposition wanted to protect.

Screenshot (884).png

What's worse, all my monsters unleashed hell on his. His tank's HP was reduced to 4 and lastly, my Kain Hace went and did a huge damage and blast on his monsters behind the tank. That ended my turn.

Screenshot (885).png

At the end of the first round, My tank received a damage of 8.

Round 2

Screenshot (886).png

His tank falls thanks to my tank.

Screenshot (887).png

Next, his bloodthirsty dragon was about to go out but his shield saved it.
Round 3

Screenshot (888).png

Usut got what it wanted and earned increased damage, HP, and speed. But, my monsters started to unleash their attacks.

Screenshot (889).png

His monster had no chance.


He could've never won with such tanky attackers and to top it off his monsters had one of the lowest speeds. Hence, this turned into an easy victory before the match even began. But, looking at his monsters, he was definitely no bronze or silver league player. Somehow, I could also relate with him as I myself took a decent amount of time off this game and have lost my ratings. Sometimes I don't feel like some of these players belong in this silver and bronze league, the quality of cards they possess is mind-bending and downright infuriating. Which is why, it turns into a chilling nightmare when you try to climb the ranks but ultimately fail as the opponents play like it's f*kin gold league.

Battle Link

Battle Link