Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 152// Wooden Rexxie Card


Today we are going to go through the process of turning this digital card into a real tangible card made of wood!
Enter your art to the contest here:


Step 1: Turn this card into a vector for my machine to do its thing!


Step 2: Gotta feed the machine some wood.


Step 3: Set everything up and let the laser run, make sure you have your eye protection on.


Step 4: Realize you have a bunch of wrong burn settings and have to reset the machine.


Step 5: Take all your cut pieces off the table and apply some coloring. I use stain.

painting station.jpg

Step 6: Assemble the casing for the expoxy background.


Step 7: Now that it is the next day, you can finally assemble your work!

some assembly.jpg

Step 8: Your completed Rexxie! Showcase her with your vines growing on your fence for a better look!



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