Member Management Notes


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We had a great first brawl experience in Tier 2. Thanks to @naive-god for pushing our final frontier. The statistics are waiting to be published in my drafts at Look there if you're curious or want to add to it.

From a member management perspective business as usual. Another newbie without an idea what a guild is worth, or a free rider. Anyway, we exercise #FHREE and welcome anyone, especially Champion, Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Novice players.

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  • If you are new to this
    • What we expect from any member, in a nutshell
  • Timetable
  • Internal Player Score Table
  • Link to addendum

If you are new to this

Become familiar with the member management, please. If there are not any passive members, a rather small ammount of DEC will not be enough to stay, by climbing the member management score board. I don't want anyone particular to be removed, however, I also don't want someone to contribute precious DEC that is invested pointlessly or to waste our time. And because the guild spots are precious as well, the last in the list will be removed regularly. That is part of our procedure as noted in the addendum mentioned below. And if you don't read all this within the first 48 hours after you joined, you may be removed without notice right away. How can we know? Well, you'll see! And any questions are welcome anytime!

Please understand, it is not on me to show comprehension. I'll do the best I can! Though this guild is somewhat managed like a DAO. That is Decentral Autonomous Organisation. So I simply follow the procedures that have evolved here by now. And for when you become passive and no one can reach out to you in time, ugly things can happen. As documented in past notes. See e.g.

If you want to join, we can make that happen. We may schedule it for that you can be there the moment our weakest contributor is removed. Sounds familiar somehow? Like with a mob abandoning their weakest offspring to survive a predator attack. Your contribution needs to be enough for not being the weakest. Since there often are multiple accounts with only little to no DEC contribution, necessary contribution still is small. And everyone who got removed is welcome any time again. It's just that contributions from earlier are at zero any time an account re-joines.

What we expect from any member, in a nutshell:

Priority A: Some contribution within the last 7 days. Without at least 1 DEC even a quest scroll will make this, if the Lodge is not maxed out for the rest of a season.

Priority B: Be not the weakest contributor in our mob the moment an auction ends. This moment is when a new brawl starts.


04/26 11:00 PM CEST - top-up auction canceled
04/26 10:59 AM CEST - @ycniuq removed
04/25 ??:?? PM CEST - top-up auction began
04/24 10:41 AM CEST - @ycniuq joined
04/24 10:29 AM CEST - @drachirex removed
04/23 ??:?? PM CEST - combat stage started, begin of grace period
04/21 10:20 AM CEST - @drachirex joined

Internal Player Score Table

New members who joined after the recent brawl cambat stage has already started (grace period):
-- none

Actively contributing accounts within 7 days and its position by score:

SpotAccountCalculated onScoreDECScrollsTimes brawledFray favorite
1@thelunacysystem04/21/229,465,578133,31871799 Silver all cards
2@prxhunter04/21/224,711,780102,43046548/9 Silver all cards
3@naive-god04/21/223,695,47283,98844485/6/1/2 Bronze/Novice all cards
4@anjanida04/21/221,525,12828,77653744 Novice Alpha/Beta only
5@jk42004/21/22734,44814,1245271any Bronze, preferably all cards
6@sm-rules04/21/22723,24018,081407511/13 all GF only
7@anjadani04/21/22432,35116,01327565/6 Bronze all cards
9@sodom-lv04/21/22259,3724,25261365/6 Bronze all cards
10@m-mirage-e04/21/22182,6203,97046775 to 10 any fray

Passive accounts with no DEC or Scroll contribution within 7 days:

SpotAccountCalculated onScoreDECScrollsTimes brawledDays agoFray favorite
8@a3manolo04/26/22337,2695,917576623Any Bronze
11@tld0504/26/2277,5041,21164539Any Novice/Bronze

@drachirex removed.
@ycniuq removed.

For more recent notes an unofficial draft is at

For our recent Member Management Notes Addendum with general guidelines and procedures see