our 50th brawl statistics - unsere 50. Rauferei-Statistik


Each 33 % beneficiary rewards of this post will again go to @naive-god this time for improving their deck (or whatever) as an acknowledgement of their streak without loss. For more see the latest post on Beneficiaries.

About the 50st brawl from November 26 to December 1.

From that brawl, I immediately published my own battles as My 13th Gladiator Battles, with an inside into my Social Media.

Some more from our chat, though these may never be viewable again*, can be found below, just above the statistics.



33 % Begünstigung dieses Beitrags gehen diesmal wieder an @naive-god für den Kauf weiterer Karten (oder was auch immer) als Anerkennung für die Serie ohne Niederlage. Mehr darüber siehe den letzten Beitrag zu Begünstigten.

Über die 50. Rauferei vom 26. November bis 1. Dezember.

Aus dieser Rauferei veröffentlichte ich meine eigenen Kämpfe sogleich als Mein 13. Gladiatorenkampf, mit einem Einblick in mein Social Media

Einige weitere aus unserem Chat, auch wenn diese vielleicht nie wieder ansehbar sind*, finden sich gleich im Anschluss unten, noch oberhalb der Statistik.


von @thelunacysystem

von @anjadani

von @anjadani

Screenshot at 2021-11-30 17-06-08 brawl50 final results combined.png

Prep Stage: Frays in Tier 1

#LeagueCards + LimitsCRELPlayerPower
1Noviceall / no limit1111@abdalaizmo1,240
2Noviceall / no limit1111@francisco-tadz151,165
3Noviceall Untamed1111@tld055,810
4Noviceall Alpha/Beta1111@pingeln40,705
5Bronzeall / no limit3221@anjadani62,885
6Bronzeall / no limit3221@prxhunter71,560
7Bronzeall Untamed3221@naive-god81,680
8Silverall / no limit5432@anjanida154,180
9Silverall / no limit5432@jk420154,985
10Silverall Untamed5432@thelunacysystem204,285
11BronzeGF / no limit3221@sm-rules175,910
12BronzeGF Untamed3221@a3manolo107,890
13SilverGF / no limit5432@m-mirage-e115,035

Guild #FHREE.org internal results

21Bronzeall Untamed7/77W0L0D@naive-god81,680
18Bronzeall / no limit7/76W1L0D@anjadani62,885
15Bronzeall / no limit7/75W2L0D@prxhunter71,560
12Silverall Untamed7/74W3L0D@thelunacysystem204,285
12Noviceall Untamed8/84W4L0D@tld055,810
12Noviceall / no limit9/94W5L0D@abdalaizmo1,240
9Silverall / no limit7/73W4L0D@anjanida154,180
9Noviceall Alpha/Beta8/83W5L0D@pingeln40,705
6Silverall / no limit6/62W4L0D@jk420154,985
6Noviceall / no limit9/92W7L0D@francisco-tadz151,165
3BronzeGF / no limit3/31W2L0D@sm-rules175,910
0BronzeGF Untamed1/10W1L0D@a3manolo107,890
0SilverGF / no limit3/30W3L0D@m-mirage-e115,035

ALL Guilds that participated in our brawl

PointsNameTag LineGuild Rank
141Immortal Gods 6★ᴡᴇ ᴀʀᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴀʀʀɪᴏʀꜱ★#139Link
138Crazy Chain-#349Link
136Threshold Guardians 1THG1 : A Play-to-earn gaming guild run by gamers#169Link
123SPLINTERLANDS.RUГильдия русскоговорящих игроков (Guild of the Russian-speaking players)#229Link
123#FHREE.orgTeam Self-Directed Education#137Link
120Kings of KombatKoK#241Link
114The Splintermen-#146Link
81Mountain Gods 2Going for #2, Mountain Gods is #1#409Link
18Drunken Dwarfs....hic!#389Link
9OptimusPrime but not the bezos kind#475Link

Finds and more (probably adding to this list during the next days)

  • Way to often this list is empty. Share with us in the comments, what you recently have published or discovered.
  • Look for the tag #brawlreport and look into created/brawlreport for the whole show! And please share in the comments what you found. Or even better: Share a link to your comments on what you found!