our 82nd brawl statistics - unsere 82. Rauferei-Statistik



About the 82nd brawl from May 6 to 12.

There are definitely some misconceptions among naysayers about what the name of the guild is all about. But as the saying goes, you can never please everyone. However, human rights are about exactly that! But not in the head or in the belly, but in the experience.

Here with the guild this is simply about FHREE.org being seen as much as possible. There everything is explained, which is important. The point here is not to grow massively. Massive growth is antagonistic to human rights. That's where the proverbial dog bites its own tail. And it should, if that's what it wants. Because we trust in mathematics.

The spots in the guild are, well, limited. And the experiment here is to give everyone a chance to be there, based on healthy growth. The idea is not that those who invest the most at the top displace those at the bottom. And when I look at it that way, the disruption of massive growth has been a complete success.

I want to be eternally grateful to those naysayers who have moved the guild forward massively. However, making something different out of the guild than was originally conceived by @unschoolingcoach is not something I will be a part of. And I really hope to find some trusted partners along the way, so I'm not doing this alone.

Because besides living in a world where human rights can often only be experienced within the family circle, this is a whole lot of work. Just putting up with naysayers is a full-time job. All the more I am glad about Satoshi Nakamoto's legacy of actually being able to trust in mathematics. And you can't do that without social glue either.

The statistics here are not current, that's correct. Well noted. But they are complete. And that is my ambition. Currently, the 106th brawl is starting, and at least as far as our guild is concerned, there is no gap in the numbering so far. The guild has been there from day one. If this is not fast enough for you, you are invited again to continue the series together faster instead of complaining. And if one or the other finds together in new projects, then it was already worth a lot to have met here. Wasn't it?

Here is a battle seen from the 105th brawl from September 5-10, where @RCA13 very narrowly misses out on victory. It would be too bad not to share that battle here as part of the Social Media Challenge. A historical record may still be available at https://www.instagram.com/reel/CiW0fbDvac8/


Screenshot at 2022-09-10 21-33-20 brawl105 battle 3.png


Über die 82. Rauferei vom 6. bis 12. Mai.

Es gibt ganz bestimmt einige Missverständnisse bei Kritikern, worum es beim Namen der Gilde geht. Doch wie heißt es so passend: Es kann niemals allen recht gemacht werden. Doch bei Menschenrechten geht es genau darum! Doch nicht im Kopf oder im Bauch, sondern im Erleben.

Hier mit der Gilde geht es dabei lediglich darum, dass FHREE.org möglichst viel gesehen wird. Dort ist alles erklärt, was wichtig ist. Hier geht es dabei nicht darum, massiv zu wachsen. Massives Wachstum ist ein Antagonist von Menschenrechten. Da beißt sich der sprichwörtliche Hund in den Schwanz. Und das soll er auch, wenn er das will. Denn wir vertrauen auf Mathematik.

Die Plätze der Gilde sind nun mal begrenzt. Und das experiment hier ist, jedem eine Chance zu geben, dabei zu sein, auf der Grundlage von gesundem Wachstum. Die Idee ist nicht, dass jene, die oben am meisten Investieren, jene unten verdrängen. Und wenn ich es so betrachte, war die Unterbrechung des massiven Wachstums ein voller Erfolg.

Ich will jenen Kritikern ewig dankbar sein, die die Gilde massiv vorangebracht haben. Etwas anderes aus der Gilde zu machen, als von @unschoolingcoach ursprünglich erdacht war, werde ich jedoch nicht mitmachen. Und ich hoffe sehr, auf dem Weg noch vertraute Partner zu finden, damit ich das hier nicht alleine tue.

Denn neben einem Leben in einer Welt, in der Menschenrechte oft nur im Familienkreis erlebbar sind, ist das eine ganze Menge Arbeit. Schon alleine Kritiker aushalten ist eine Vollzeitbeschäftigung. Um so mehr bin ich froh über Satoshi Nakamoto's Erbe, tatsächlich in Mathematik vertrauen zu können. Und auch das geht nicht ohne sozialen Klebstoff.

Die Statistik hier ist nicht aktuell, das ist korrekt. Wohl bemerkt. Doch sie ist vollständig. Und das ist mein Anspruch. Derzeit startet die insgesammt 106. Rauferei, und zumindest was unsere Gilde betrifft, gibt es prinzipiell bisher keine Lücke in der Nummerierung. Die Gilde war vom ersten Tag an dabei. Wem das hier nicht schnell genug geht, der sei hier erneut eingeladen, die Reihe gemeinsam schneller fortzusetzen, statt zu meckern. Und wenn die Eine oder der Andere dabei in neuen Projekten zusammenfindet, dann war es doch auch schon viel wert, sich hier begegnet zu sein. Nicht wahr?

Oben ist ein Kampf zu sehen aus der 105. Rauferei vom 5. bis 10. September, bei dem @RCA13 nur sehr knapp den Sieg verpasst. Es wäre zu schade, diesen Kampf nicht hier zu teilen, im Rahmen der Social Media Challenge. Eine historische Aufzeichnung ist vielleicht noch verfügbar bei https://www.instagram.com/reel/CiW0fbDvac8/


My Battles

1 against @lastdragon
2 against @loup-garou
3 against @architectld
4 against @woook
5 against @ifunnymemes
6 against @ezraswish
pending, fled
7 against @noctury

Screenshot at 2022-05-11 10-09-04 brawl82 results merged.png

Prep Stage: Frays in Tier 2

#LeagueCards + LimitsCRELPlayerPower
2NoviceChaos Legion1111@sodom-lv71,970
5BronzeChaos Legion3221@tld0518,750
9SilverChaos Legion5432@teerandom73,860
13BronzeGF all3221@a3manolo154,150
14BronzeGF Untamed/Dice/CL3221@shawnmichael-gt102,640
15SilverGF all5432@sm-rules190,385
16SilverGF Untamed/Dice/CL5432pandaman20001167,770

Guild #FHREE.org internal results

15BronzeChaos Legion8/85W3L0D@tld0518,750
15NoviceChaos Legion9/95W4L0D@sodom-lv71,970
12BronzeGF all5/54W1L0D@a3manolo154,150
12SilverChaos Legion7/74W3L0D@teerandom73,860
9SilverGF all6/63W3L0D@sm-rules190,385
6SilverGF Untamed/Dice/CL5/52W3L0Dpandaman20001167,770
0BronzeGF Untamed/Dice/CL4/40W4L0D@shawnmichael-gt102,640

ALL Guilds that participated in our brawl

PointsNameTag LineGuild Rank
303Immortal GodsWe Are Better Than You. Sorry. Not Sorry.#2Link
183KortklubbenWe are all Vikings here#61Link
180Legendary HatchlingsBe careful as we might become Legendary Dragons#113Link
168#FHREE.orgTeam Self-Directed Education#77Link
156CRY YUH BISHShed Blood, Not Tears#80Link
138The Family TreeIn it for more than the money#193Link
138Yield Guild DragonsThe Dragons of YGG#102Link
123Crypto Friends ForeverAt CFF, Crypto and Friends are Forever#99Link
81TeaRunFunToy CRYPTO SPSรวมพลคนตีการ์ดสายสุดสู่ Crypto World#463Link
60SiamThailand สยามไทยแลนด์thai, ไทย#431Link

Finds and more (probably adding to this list during the next days)

  • Way to often this list is empty. Share with us in the comments, what you recently have published or discovered.
  • Look for the tag #brawlreport and look into created/brawlreport for the whole show! And please share in the comments what you found. Or even better: Share a link to your comments on what you found!


Wow! Thank you for recognizing and appreciation! That time, I really thought that I will beh able to defeat a Quota for the first time but just came very close 😅. Maybe if I exchange Renova for a Tank Heal or another Revive. It might get the job done. Lesson learned. 😁 Thanks again for this sir @anjanida


You are so very welcome! Good to see another splinterlands player acknowledge blogging activity. This technology is more then I can imagine, if used.

Renova is not the week point here I guess. My Mushroom Seer made it for me, next to the Gladiator who took over when the Seer was gone. I'd love to see you experiment with a different card in this encounter. Have you considered Splintertools for this particular battle? Here is the link for it from my point of cyberspace https://splintertools.io/battle/sm_UScjbxFa735699rXSv67?player=anjanida&cards=439,23,31,85,315,253,372

And here is yours. Pick a new card at https://splintertools.io/battle/sm_UScjbxFa735699rXSv67?player=rca13&cards=463,152,118,345,421,42,419 and let me know. Maybe even with doing a challenge post here on Hive. While a comment certainly is fair enough. Good to have you. Following.

Here's a fresh slice of !PIZZA. I hope it is perceived well.

Maybe high time for me to start something with the #SBT token that were gifted to me a long time ago. I haven't followed what was going on there since then without being mentioned. Again, thanks for your visit that touched some topics. On SBT I just found https://peakd.com/sbt/@sbtofficial/new-use-case, and researched where it was coming from for me at https://peakd.com/splinterlands/@itzninjafool/re-anjanida-r3iv56 But that's certainly anecdotal at this point. I'm just jotting it down for reference. Looking forward to more references on this for an easy dive into what I could give back to communities like this.


Wow! There is a website like that? I didn't know that. I can experiment all I want there and that will improve my gameplay. Thank you for sharing that! I tried to exchange Renova to Venari Crystalsmith on the same position gives me 99% winning chance. Then I put Venari Crystalsmith on position 5 and it gives a 100% winning chance. 😃



There we are! That's indeed an improvement. And that even saved 3 mana! Thanks for sharing!! Some fresh !PIZZA once again.