Splinter Noob

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First I will explain some basic information before building the deck. Deck building will require more effort in the article, so stay tune for the next article as you familiarize yourself with some of these basic key knowledge and information.

In order to use the fire deck, we need to have something called a fire splinter or fire summoner.

Let's look at the fire splinters that we can buy to use as our summoner.

(Note: I am not showing legendary as we are building a budget fire deck)

Qid Yuff (Rare): This fire splinter is one of the newer generation of fire splinter released. Qid Yuff has the +1 piercing buff which is pretty strong as it pierces right through the enemy armor

Pyre (Rare): This fire splinter is one of the newer generation of fire splinter released as well. Pyre has the +1 speed ability which can sometimes determine the battle.

Talia Firestorm (Epic): This fire splinter is a mana friendly fire splinter and part of an older generation. I believe it is part of the Beta pack generation.

Malric Inferno (Rare) : This fire splinter is part of the Alpha and Beta. The first Malric in the picture is the beta version as the right one is the alpha version. Generation of cards and whether it is gold foil or normal card gives an extra bonus percentage for gaining DEC per win.

Now that we covered the different fire splinters or summoners we can use, lets dive into the Silver Elo.

On the bottom caption, the Summoner Level Limits is the following:
Common: 5
Rare: 4
Epic: 3
Legendary: 2

What does this exactly mean?
The level limits in Silver is capped. If you were to choose a rare fire splinter to use such as Pyre, Qid Yuff, or Malric Inferno, the maximum level of the card would be a level 4 summoner. This means that by using a level 4 summoner which is the highest level summoner in silver allowed, you can use a common card up to level 5, rare card up to level 4, etc.

An easier way is going into the card itself and click stats to see what level cards you can use per level of summon. Below will be an example.

Hope you enjoy the info session.

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