Art contest Week 157 // ❤ Djinn Renova ❤


Here i am again for this week art contest, stronger and motived more than ever.

I appreciate very much Djinn Renova card for her ability at Level 1 to
Strenghten : healing all friendly monsters by a +1 health at the start of the battle.

At level 4 she acquires the ability
Triage : heals the friendly back-line monster that has taken the most damage

So she is a wonderful middle tank with a good amount of health and a stunning +3 at speed and a +3 at magic damage

But what is a Djinn?

A djinn is a certain type of spirit in Islam, similar to an angel. Many Muslims believe that a djinn can take the form of an animal or a human.

Sadly the picture in the card deck of Splinterlands does not have the appeal I would like to see for her, so I reinvented another one... more appealing ❤❤❤ and a little bit sexy 😅 ( angelic ? )

Here she is , fully revamped ^^

Djinn Renova Finale Red2.jpg

I liked also seeing her in a different less aggressive dress ... so I gave her another dress color... don't know what do you like more ... I show you them both

Djinn Renova Finale Celeste2.jpg

Tell me what do you like more... Red one or the Azure one ?

Original Djinn Renova
Djinn Renova.png

So here is a link to the initial sketching shapes of my reinterpretation.. a short timelapse video

I already posted it yesterday, because I was thrilled for my first time using the timelapse tecnique... so I was not able to wait and share all together..

❤ ... Now the single steps for the final result ... ❤

1. refining sketch and draw more precisely the shapes

01 base disegno.jpg

2. adding hairs strokes

01 capelli.jpg

3. adding skin tones and color

02 pelle.jpg

4. coloring dress whith some highlights and shadows

03 red dress01.jpg

5. increasing color tones for later on and adding more shadows

03 red dress02.jpg

6. coloring hairs and adding highlights to them

04 capelli colorati.jpg

7. coloring the little ❤ and her eyes too

05 cuoricino.jpg

8. drawing base fro where she appears and move around

06 base.jpg

9. drawing background (Red Variant)

07 finale red.jpg

10. drawing background (Azure Variant)

08 finale celeste.jpg

11. Adding Life image.pngsymbol (Red Variant)

Djinn Renova Finale Red2.jpg

12. Adding Life image.pngsymbol (Azure Variant)

Djinn Renova Finale Celeste2.jpg

And for today that's all.
I hope you like her as much as I do.

ps:" @indayclara I was wondering if this is suitable for being published also in those communities you provided me before, and I would really like to know what do you think of this my drawing... just to be motivated to keep on drawing and publishing or give up... thx"


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Hello @archimax72! Yes, you can share this one to other art related communities just make sure to read the rules in that specific community. Although I found this one too Digital Drawing.

Also I think the character is appealing indeed. Also, you can check out, you can upload videos there. Its like youtube but this one is directly linked to Hive. 🙂