Splinterlands Art Contest//Week 206/ALMO CAMBIO


Hello everyone! I am here today to share with you guys my today's artwork! Presenting "ALMO CAMBIO"! ALMO CAMBIO reminds me of the iron golem in Minecraft! I hope you guys liked it! 😄✨



It oozed into the Mount Mox arena as a puddle through one of the drains in the outer walkway. It then took the form of a Gloridax Guard and watched with intent curiosity as the next pair of summoners entered the tournament grounds and began ritualistically summoning their monsters. Then with a breeze, it assumed the shape of an Air Elemental and joined the battle in progress, which made the scoremasters think that Tyrus had performed an illegal resurrection. Once it realized it was the subject of a heated argument, it turned into a small beetle, which was nearly crushed under a falling Serpentine as it made its way to the outer edge of the battle ground, where it inhabited the form of a lamp-lighting servant. When the Lord of Darkness entered the arena, the thing became jealous and took on a monstrous form so large that even the Lord of Darkness became lost in its shadow. From then on, no one could deny that a powerful unknown monster had joined their midst. Its name was Almo Cambio.

Almo is drawn to the arena, never wanting to leave and always watching each battle with keen interest through whichever eyes it has at the moment. Once it became more comfortable around the people of Mount Mox, it began occasionally revealing its true form to others. Almo wears an absurd smile at all times and revels in pleasant conversation with anyone who will indulge it. It seems however to have no voice of its own, but merely mimics the voice of anyone to whom it is speaking. Almo’s good will and friendliness is often mistrusted, especially because of the way it consistently obliterates its competitors on the battlefield when summoned.







And once again, thank you for reaching the end of my post 😁✨


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