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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
+2.084 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 0.079643 SPT for ashikstd/re-socialmediaseo-r3ebdn
Author reward: 2154.331542 SPT for ashikstd/splinterlands-battle-or-venari-sidsmith
Author reward: 0.185064 SPT for ashikstd/re-relf87-r3cblf
Author reward: 0.015041 SPT for ashikstd/re-bernardinetti-r38rsl
Author reward: 2467.748106 SPT for ashikstd/splinterlands-battle-or-defender-of-truth
Author reward: 2013.898218 SPT for ashikstd/splinterlands-battle-or-yodin-zaku-summons-cornealus
Author reward: 3.468410 SPT for ashikstd/re-atnazo-r31dnr
Author reward: 3.399606 SPT for ashikstd/re-atnazo-r31dok
Author reward: 2357.360283 SPT for ashikstd/splinterlands-battle-or-stone-golem
Author reward: 3.545765 SPT for ashikstd/re-atnazo-r30vnz
Author reward: 1971.269979 SPT for ashikstd/splinterlands-battle-or-gargoya-lion
Received 4671.311103 SPT from sharminmim
Author reward: 2336.230665 SPT for ashikstd/splinterlands-battle-or-byzantine-kitty-summons-robo-dragon-knight-and-the-gorlodon
Author reward: 0.003666 SPT for ashikstd/re-rzc24-nftbbg-r2phha
Completed unstake of 4248.540378 SPT
Curation reward: 0.107435 SPT for luizeba/splinterstats-season-61-report-card
Curation reward: 0.053414 SPT for mercurial9/stone-golem-weekly-battle-challenge-or-splinterlands-135
Curation reward: 0.180474 SPT for libertycrypto27/chaos-legion-updates--my-end-of-season-considerations-and-rewards-aggiornamenti-chaos-legion--considerazioni-sulla-fine-di-st
Curation reward: 0.057763 SPT for mdismailfahim/splinterlands-battle-a-battle-with-stone-golem
Curation reward: 0.058168 SPT for oadissin/splinterstats-season-61-report-card
Curation reward: 0.060143 SPT for cryptofiloz/splinterlands-quest-giveaway-win-free-card-round-894
Curation reward: 0.056502 SPT for platypus-dundee/whos-who-in-the-zoo-ep3-with-nate-aguila
Author reward: 0.034452 SPT for ashikstd/re-xykorlz-r2mxke
Curation reward: 0.141462 SPT for burlarj/maxed-my-venari-bonesmith
Author reward: 1.653989 SPT for ashikstd/re-zasktrader-r2muva
Author reward: 0.030014 SPT for ashikstd/re-gynfreaks-r2mtgr
Author reward: 0.138514 SPT for ashikstd/re-relf87-r2mtf0
Author reward: 0.059939 SPT for ashikstd/re-andy-plays-r2mtc7
Author reward: 1.827823 SPT for ashikstd/re-zasktrader-r2mt7e
Author reward: 2636.799500 SPT for ashikstd/splinterlands-battle-or-pelacor-bandit
Curation reward: 0.123628 SPT for bulldog1205/rfwkifsi
Curation reward: 0.095666 SPT for sinistry/splinterstats-season-61-report-card
Curation reward: 0.263739 SPT for achim03/dyfbdrah
Curation reward: 0.067659 SPT for mustachio12/splinterlands-art-contest-or-or-week-163-or-or-goblin-nuker
Curation reward: 0.057939 SPT for ross92/my-weekly-challenge-post-share-your-battle-battle-with-pirate-captain
Curation reward: 0.364915 SPT for cantfoldaces/updates-on-my-quest-1k-1up-reached-nft-studios-new-game-pgm-with-another-collab-another-income-stream-from-utopis
Curation reward: 0.056850 SPT for james100/the-great-witch
Curation reward: 0.051970 SPT for shiftrox/my-season-rewards-11-15-2021
Curation reward: 0.053425 SPT for anuk/splinterlands-review-water-card-pirate-captain
Curation reward: 0.059446 SPT for emd012/splinterlands-weekly-battle-challenge-pirate-captain
Curation reward: 0.091273 SPT for splinterlands/chaos-legion-updates-and-official-doctor-blight-reveal
Curation reward: 0.299156 SPT for crypt-skip/splinterlands-art-contest-week-163
Curation reward: 0.053211 SPT for pogier/road-to-champion-update-4-battles-with-the-stars
Curation reward: 0.100022 SPT for ryoudo/splinterlands-art-contest-week-163-elven-cutthroat
Curation reward: 0.194634 SPT for silversaver888/sharing-a-battle-using-pirate
Curation reward: 0.059143 SPT for mantis-tobaggon/playing-with-new-gladiator-cards
Curation reward: 0.229119 SPT for snowcloud/don-t-forget-speed-always-wins-the-battle-against-the-damage-power-i
Curation reward: 0.135009 SPT for josediccus/splinterlands-the-guarantee-to-sustained-value
Curation reward: 0.051055 SPT for drazeus/lets-give-away-a-card-due-to-chaos-legion-coming-r2lhkr
Curation reward: 0.056832 SPT for clove71/jjjxfyjh
Curation reward: 0.056319 SPT for shiftrox/splinterlands-progress-blog-5
Curation reward: 0.063349 SPT for stever82/updates-on-splinterlands-presale-and-general-sale-preorders
Received 2335.655551 SPT from sharminmim
Started unstake of 16994.161503 SPT
Received 2438.6185 SPT from sharminmim
Transferred 3452.238891 SPT to lazybug
Completed unstake of 9528.032317 SPT
Completed unstake of 9528.032317 SPT
Completed unstake of 9528.032317 SPT
Completed unstake of 9528.032317 SPT
Started unstake of 38112.129268 SPT
Completed undelegation of 38112.129268 SPT
Received 12294.288551 SPT from mdismailfahim
Received 4915.008893 SPT from sharminmim
Received 56.451 SPT from monster-curator
Started undelegation of 38112.129268 SPT from monster-curator
Received 28.368 SPT from monster-curator
Received 35.287 SPT from monster-curator
Received 36.577 SPT from monster-curator
Received 53.417 SPT from monster-curator
Received 27.84 SPT from monster-curator
Received 32.836 SPT from monster-curator
Received 26.584 SPT from monster-curator
Received 26.939 SPT from monster-curator
Received 29.7 SPT from monster-curator
Received 25.633 SPT from monster-curator
Received 18.298 SPT from monster-curator
Delegated 29997.083978 SPT to monster-curator
Staked 29997.083978 SPT to ashikstd
Received 6.145 SPT from monster-curator
Received 6.768 SPT from monster-curator
Received 9.91 SPT from monster-curator
Received 9.567 SPT from monster-curator
Received 7.192 SPT from monster-curator
Received 18197.98809 SPT from bong1011 Selling.
Received 3.285 SPT from monster-curator
Received 7.812 SPT from monster-curator
Received 7.66 SPT from monster-curator
Received 9.173 SPT from monster-curator
Received 7.273 SPT from monster-curator
Received 6738.673123 SPT from sharminmim
Received 15.736 SPT from monster-curator
Delegated 8115.04529 SPT to monster-curator
Staked 8115.04529 SPT to ashikstd
Received 26230.976431 SPT from sharminmim