web3 gaming progress update - January 16 2023


This is my daily web3 gaming progress update.

WOW, my yesterday post just blew out. I have over 200 likes, something I have never had before, which is great.

free games.jpg


I collected my 45 boxes for the end of the season, but there was nothing extraordinary in there. I got 10 cards including 2 rare, and almost 2 SPS, this is sad as every time I do expect a little bit more. I hope that the newest change to reward cards will kill the bot farms so there will be slightly better rewards.

My card rent income is fluctuating. I am earning around 400 DEC per day which allows me to buy enough card to upgrade my unrented commons to level 5, which make them relatable. I still own around 67 cards which are below 0.2 dpd for rent so they are not rented.


There are only 3 days left in the season. I still have 6 watermelons to collect today and then I will have to wait for the next season to start.

I tend to stay around 100. position in the leaderboard. I have no comparison with the previous season as I have always checked the CROP return not the position but I think that this is average for me.

I have decided to sell only one site at a time as the last time I sold 2 Planks but I could not find the 8 SWAP.HIVE I should receive for one of them.


I do continue the slow march to 200k SIM and SIM Power. I have managed to get 130k of SIM so far and my power is around 80k.

On the card front, I have received 2 new Homeless cards. What is more one of my homeless/immigrants did upgrade into a Student which is great. As the disasters are done for now I am back to buying cards. As I have mentioned yesterday I am ready to build a retirement home, but the "only" thing I am missing is the 40 Retired People cards which will be very hard to obtain. I think I will have the get more Sick People to rise my chance to obtain Retired people before they will die.

Rising Star

Finally, I got my first slot unlocked. It took only 20 mission to do so which mean I am very unlocked with RNG. As I am trying to get all slots available I will run as many Band Audition missions as possible which will mean I will have no StarBits earning this week at all.


Stardom missions are live for the past few days. For now, it is a cheap knock-off of the Rising Star and needs a lot of work to be done to get it to the same level.
As far as I know, they plan to promote some YouTube and TikTok people so we will see what will come out of it.

Games I am looking at:

This is my list of potential new games to take part in, some are still in development some do not work for me:

  • Wresting Organisation Online - still in development
  • MuTeraa - I have tried it for like 5 minutes and I need to spend more time checking it as the game is not obvious to me. I thought it will be a card game like Splinterlands but it is something more. You have a world which reminds me an early Pokemon games, I need to think if I want to buy the Tamer licence and start playing it.
  • Cryptobrewmaster - I need to save up 15 HBD to buy a starter pack

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