One School of thought for Progressing


Hey you Beautiful Bastards, how's it going folks.
Today is gonna be a bit different today, as the End of Season comes to an end and people rush to rent or fight for higher ranks i've seen lots of people complaining about Collection Power, whether it's worth it to rank up for more chest and whether it's worth it.

Now this is just my 2cents but here's some ways you can progress or play the game i may have missed something but generally this is what new players would try to do.

  1. You're loaded or maybe a dolphin you splash some money into buying cards so you don't need to rent to progress

  2. You're like me a renter you rent to get collection power and have a better chance of playing in higher leagues for chest and dec.

  3. You just stay in Bronze, Bronze 1 preferabbly and live off the Dec there so you spend minimal amount of Dec to rent and eventually maybe buy a card to bolster your card collection or repirotire.

  4. You find a guild that is kind enough to delegate cards to you to help you progress faster.... honestly this is a dream so not entirely feasible.

I've chosen to go with Option 2 cause well i'm not that well off, now you may ask why not go for option 3
The whole point of this game is to progress so you can eventually stop relying on rentals or atleast make it as minimal as possible.
So how would Option 2 allow you to progress faster than option 3, Option 2 tries to make use of the cards to win as much as possible and win DEC while building up your collection power as fast as possible.
Now i'm currently in Silver 1 and thinking of maybe trying to get into Silver 1 as fast as possible even after season ends.

My current cost of rental is 153.335 per/day this i think can be lower if i can rent it as soon as possible compared to if i rented 2days before but i will only find out after this season. Now even after renting enough Power for 70k+ to get into Silver 1 i still made 100 Dec after finishing Daily quest with still 84% ECR left to use if i choose. i'd still say thats a big positive considering that means i earned 250 Dec in total if not counting the rental cost.
Now i'd say thats a pretty decent rental price for some last minute renting of 50k power on the 2nd last day of renting which already has sky high prices. So with the math shown you can already earn more than what you possibly make in bronze 1 unless if you have all the power needed already you'll be needing to rent some cards still since i'm assuming you're a new player with barely any cards.

From what i remember Bronze 1 should earn you 5-6 Dec per win (on higher ECR) unless you have a crazy win streak then thats the average i'll base it on. In Silver 1 i'm currently earning 21-23 Dec per win so this is a big gap. Now i should say this isn't just for any new player cause you won't know your feet from your hands if you immediately jump in without doing some research cause silver 3 you have rulesets which mean the fights are not your run of the mill fights. So knowing what to rent for what situation can be helpful if you've played for a bit atleast.
Now if you win 20 games in Bronze 1 you roughly earn 100-120 Dec, while in Silver 1 if you win 20 games you'll earn 420-460 Dec, now this is on the account you win so you might say well it's gonna be harder to win in Bronze 1.
I can tell you if you do some research and learn how to play you can atleast almost win 50% of the time
Taking into account you win half that's still 210-230 Dec twice as much as Bronze 1 now what happens if i minus the rental cost that leaves me with 60-80 Dec then which is somewhat less than Bronze 1 considering their rental will probably only be 3-5 Dec so why would renting more to get into a higher league be better you might ask.

The answer is in the Chest and possible amount of reward cards you can get to increase your Collection Power to reduce the amount of cards you need to rent. With just 1 season reward and possible next possible season reward i'm already at 200+ Collection power i believe and with the season end of rewards i hope to end around 300-400 collection power. Now if i just count from Dailies from 4 chest i have a 50% chance to get a card which means at worst i still add 10power and possibly more for Dec as cards increase in price and is usually worth more than its burn value to the winnings i'm not counting the Dec or potions i may get which brings my total earnings to 80-100 Dec worth or more depending on what cards. I won't count much from Bronze 1 daily because you have the chance to get Credits which is almost nothing and have a higher chance of potions plus your card chance is 30%.

So how about End of Season Chest rewards, 18 chest for silver 1 vs 9 chest for bronze 1 now it doesn't sound like much now assuming roughly half the chest for both rounding down for bronze 1 since bronze 1 does have a lower card chance
So using quick math i will roughly get 9 cards in silver 1 and bronze 1 i would get 3 cards
Now Rares are 20% chance so roughly 1/5 cards can be a rare so out of the 9 cards there could be a rare
and rares give 20 power worth or are worth a 1-2 dollars at minimum. For bronze 1 out of the 3 cards your chances are a tad bit lower so i'm just going to count them as commons. You can see here you obviously build up your progress faster than if you stick to bronze 1 and this isn't counting the other half of the chest which can contain Dec or potions.

Now if you're playing for the long game which i'm sure everyone is doing, if we count by 2 seasons (1month) 2 chest a day with common cards a day for silver 1 from the 4 chest means i will get 300 power worth of cards assuming i get no rares and above from just dailies. From end of season each assuming i get atleast 1 rare thats 120 CP + 300 CP means in 1 month i would get at minimum 420CP, now compare that to bronze 1, on average 30 days you'll expect 10 cards from dailies so assuming theey're all commons 50 CP and from chest 30 CP which is 80 CP in 1 month.
To get to 1k CP so that you don't have to rent atleast that much CP you'd take roughly 2-3 months on Silver 1 and for Bronze you'd take 11-12 Months now i'd say thats a big gap if you just relied on dailies and End of Season.

Now i can't take into account the chances of you getting a Epic or Legendary which would speed up your chances of increasing your CP or your Treasurary but i can say just thinking logically you'll have a higher chance the higher you go. Hence why i think going to atleast Silver 1 is worth it in the long run.

What i haven't figured out is that would it be worth to rent cards for Gold 3 because over there has a higher Summoner Cap which makes it seem not worth it to go into that rank because i don't know anything about Gold 3 and people there will generally have better cards which means the cards you rent need to be better costing more.
Not to mention you build up your collection power but you also build your foundation for your SPS airdrops and that won't last long so get in get in get in and do your best.
Maybe one day i will be able to test and give an update to all you folks sitting on the fence on whether you should climb higher or not, thanks for reading and have a great day.

To all you Llama Kron users
Nothing against you but disgusting.


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