Criptonauta, melómano empedernido y diseñador. Agricultor en Hashkings, manager en Rising Star y superviviente en Splinterlands.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 0.660391 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-20221223t1568367z
Author reward: 0.659402 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-20221222t18816898z
Author reward: 1.871034 SPT for bandada/re-bananofarmer-20221221t233524930z
Author reward: 0.006966 SPT for bandada/re-kojiri-20221221t155619222z
Author reward: 0.668047 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-20221221t15547514z
Author reward: 0.657317 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-20221221t11015203z
Author reward: 0.118066 SPT for bandada/re-dk1trade-20221221t1811912z
Author reward: 0.680813 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-20221219t18334105z
Author reward: 0.668732 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-20221218t22554125z
Author reward: 0.006819 SPT for bandada/re-kojiri-20221215t17203671z
Author reward: 0.695390 SPT for bandada/re-bananofarmer-20221214t182823861z
Author reward: 0.705132 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-20221214t1893366z
Author reward: 0.006745 SPT for bandada/re-kojiri-20221213t171539621z
Author reward: 0.738337 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-20221213t171415842z
Author reward: 0.719348 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-20221212t16417802z
Author reward: 0.006417 SPT for bandada/re-kojiri-20221212t1657140z
Author reward: 0.709916 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-20221211t135226685z
Author reward: 78.821984 SPT for bandada/re-noctury-20221210t12227376z
Author reward: 0.013482 SPT for bandada/re-kojiri-20221210t115643309z
Author reward: 12.211637 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-20221210t115556807z
Author reward: 0.750315 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-2022129t122457932z
Author reward: 0.770867 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-2022128t15391766z
Author reward: 0.743679 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-2022127t19224970z
Author reward: 0.769530 SPT for bandada/re-bananofarmer-2022127t114751422z
Author reward: 4.034456 SPT for bandada/re-danideuder-2022127t103649974z
Author reward: 0.006830 SPT for bandada/re-kojiri-2022126t113521905z
Author reward: 0.768906 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-2022126t113148576z
Author reward: 0.839378 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-2022125t115454150z
Author reward: 0.802478 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-2022124t154813561z
Author reward: 0.762808 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-2022123t224521664z
Author reward: 0.845237 SPT for bandada/re-bananofarmer-2022123t121235851z
Author reward: 0.007363 SPT for bandada/re-kojiri-2022123t114953515z
Author reward: 0.007618 SPT for bandada/re-kojiri-2022122t171117439z
Author reward: 0.586882 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-2022122t17940581z
Author reward: 0.589927 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-2022121t15268394z
Author reward: 0.007246 SPT for bandada/re-kojiri-20221130t15300357z
Author reward: 0.573952 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-20221130t15286206z
Author reward: 0.549441 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-20221129t222246250z
Author reward: 0.006997 SPT for bandada/re-kojiri-20221129t93915479z
Author reward: 0.013252 SPT for bandada/re-kojiri-20221128t161514551z
Author reward: 0.534613 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-20221128t161232512z
Received 45 SPT from mein-senf-dazu @freegifts giveaway #108
Author reward: 0.484834 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-20221127t11725518z
Author reward: 0.479928 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-20221126t163357473z
Author reward: 0.005954 SPT for bandada/re-kojiri-20221125t174820583z
Author reward: 0.481307 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-20221125t172818202z
Author reward: 0.484422 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-20221124t154843889z
Author reward: 0.056510 SPT for bandada/re-dk1trade-20221123t224914962z
Author reward: 0.495081 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-20221123t163423869z
Author reward: 0.398055 SPT for bandada/re-kryptodenno-20221122t154222880z
Author reward: 0.159890 SPT for bandada/re-stamato-20221122t151759226z