Support the Kitty at all cost!

Every week, @splinterlands posts a challenge for players to post about their battle, using a specific card or splinter. This week’s challenge, is to use Crystal Jaguar. This is the first time I actually posted also I have found myself multiple times using the recommended monster, but the battles were badly lost or not really fun. So finally, I want to share this battle and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The Ruleset


Good opportunity for this challenge as few splinters always feels like the other player might also not be able to chose his/her best deck :)

I'm currently in Silver II and due to my power and not renting cards, I will stay there for a while.

So first, let's look at the bad boy/cat at hand:


The Draft

the leader


My newest upgrade of the life splinter. Actually my first summoner - this deck is quite weak in my hands tbh. I like that this summoner gives every card a free hit and due to my cards being all lvl 1 I need every oomph I can get.

the star


Well, it's his time to shine, giving him a shiny shield aswell. Make me proud kitty! ROAAAR

the security guard


Our star shall have his time to shine and not be cannon fodder. So for him to survive, I put up this big boi! Kitty needs some space and he makes sure, kitty gets it!

the spiritual leader


Some magic damage and some praying is always helpful the squeeze in everything you can get.

the menace


The all time classic from every Fiction Movie/ Story every. Can't go wrong with some good old sand worm sneak attack. If the sand is moving, you better run!

the next Lucky Luke


There is a new sheriff in town and you better watch out. Our law enforcer makes sure, that those 2nd in line units don't come near our Kitty and hopefully can give it a fair 1 on 1.

the medic


You can't win a battle without some good healing. Our Kitty is set up to eat its ennemies alive and this support unit can also help sniping that angry follow ups in the backline. Go Kitty Go

Let's get readyy to rumbleeeeeeeee

This battle is broadcasted to you by splinterlands Prime Time

Round 1


No Jaguar! I think we are safe!

Round 2


The tanks get hit pretty hard and our Kitty lost the divine shield. So far, so good...

Round 3


Oh my worm! That dodge gave me a heart attack. That's not what we want to see at all. Guess this sheriffs horse is a fast one. With the big HP on the sheriff, any more dogdes will mean trouble!

Round 4


Good thing snipe doesn't target melee at first I thought it's baby bye bye for our worm. But it bit a good chunk out of the fake jolly jumper. Take that sheriff! Also our Kitty is holding up and strong. meooww eh, i mean RAOOR

Round 5


Backline is gone, now it's beasts against beauties. Or maybe it all comes down to the question: How is the real cat?

Round 6


ouch no misses, but our hero is down! Someone call an ambulance or PETA!

Round 7


No dodges against the slow worm, we stand a chance. Please RNG, stay with us to revenge our Kitty! Don't let her die for nothing!

Round 8


It's the final countdown! The rest is a piece of cake against an ennemie who is not able to defend properly insert evil laughter ROAAAAR Kitty made me proud!

Awesome battle! It was intense and got me off my seat till the very end! I hope you enjoyed it too and don't let yourself down for owning only lvl 1 cards. It's more about the fun and long-term building up your deck. Enjoy the ride, participate in this awesome community!

I wish you the best of the best and the happiest of the happiest!

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