How minting a Gold Foil Runi changed my Account

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After many flip flops on selling or holding...I sold my Gold Foil Runi for $3,000! This was a tough decision...the chance of me again having an asset in Splinterlands that only 60 other people have is very unlikely. However...The boost that selling this one card gave my account was nothing short of amazing. Here is how I spent my Runi lottery winnings!

  1. I minted another Runi of course...Not a GF but still a Runi!
  2. Max LVL Doctor BlightDoctorBlight.png
  3. Max LVL Chain GolemChainGolem.png
  4. Max LVL CornealusCornealus.png
  5. Max LVL Runemancer KyeRunemancerKye.png
  6. Max LVL Djinn OshannusDjinnOshannus.png
  7. Max LVL DeeplurkerDeeplurker.jpg
  8. Max LVL Gold Pelacor BanditPelacorBandit.png
  9. LVL 5 Merdaali GuardianMerdaaliGuardian.jpg
  10. 11,400 SPS cardsps.png
  11. 12 Riftwatchers packscardriftwatchers.png
  12. 3 plots of landcardpriceplot.jpg

Thank you Splinterlands team for the value and rarity you created through the Runi mint!! Thank you to WalkingKeys for the idea to take a shot on minting when Gold Foils had been on a long dry run.

Thanks for reading!!
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