Inflation the way governments tax you without you knowing

Many people look at the sps price and not consider the market cap. Many tokens have been released since the beginning which means that you need to consider the market cap on evaluating the tokens performance.

The pictures below paint you totally different picture but they are the same coin but one shows the market cap and one shows the price the reason the price chart is so deceiving is that so many tokens have been released you have to take into account inflation of each token holder that is if they sake their coins, if not they are boned.

The chart with market cap takes into account the inflation rate of the token which is needed to properly analyze how well it is performing in comparison to the market.

Look at how shitty salaries are I made 1.5x drying cars 10 years ago now there is literally no point why do u think ppl are leaving work. I stopped at 32 bc I realized if I shelter my dividends I can get 40k in govt benefits as long as the 250ki get this year is reinvested. Having money the govt doesn't count toward benefits is the best suck the govt tit until u get it all back.

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