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I can see 5 bucks on a spike or listing on binance etc. SPS now has a debit card think about it. I suggested this not sure if they were going to do it already but the listing provides a card to cash out earnings and if you are in NY I can show you how to bypass the geo block. Also am trying to reach out to Blockcard or Unbanked as I invested in them a long time ago they have a really cool debit card for crypto and litecoin, paxos , and a bunch more use them to power there white label cards. Just received a 20X roi for my origial investment and followed on the latest with 150 bucks in a safe again. If I can get them to partner with us then we can add a SPS, SPT, DEC card specifically for Splinterlands with a NFT attached showing its a authentic club card which will be platinum or titanium and have some unique custom art done on it based on your preference. As well as have your QR code to the clubs referral program so you get rewarded for referrals to the club. The club will start most ppl unless they are veterains out in the intership program but veterains can skip it go right to parter. 75% of this referral income goes to equity in your capital account while 25% goes to a reserve fund with various digital asset hedges and synthetic btc, eth, and gold mines i can explain later plus all club members will get to acces a servie where they get 3.5% cash back on everything if the order is done through the DAPP we make as it will be connected to a fully staked blockcard and if you order through it we provide cash back in equity of 3.5% the rest goes to the club treasury increasing everyones unit value. Same with discounts for business credit cards they will be listed for sale just like we will have a market place to sell things mostly digital content but there will be local ones starting in Rochester so ppl can find other players etc. If you are in Rochester NY and play contact me I would love to meet up at parcel 5 downtown which is a park right next to the high rise I live in. Once I know you can just meet where ever but having others in Rochester that are passionate would help alot. But really anyone is welcome to message me and talk more about the club and how I am invisioning it.

I will be talking with the Splinterlands team once I have a few more things buttoned up. This could be a really cool thing if we can get the ppl behind it as well as be very lucrative by diversifying holdings to other asset classes so people playing the game have a constant stream of income coming in and it will build over time as there interests grow.

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