RE: No more rewards for new players!!? Increased rewards for bots?! (Long'term problems!)

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I invested you have to unless you dont want to make anything like probably need a couple grand. I have about 50-60K in my Deck and ingame assets I make about 1 - 2 bucks per SPT vote which I do 20-30 a day so its likely $60 a day about 36K just from SPT voting. Staking SPS almost 300,000 staked - get about 60 a day in vouchers and I get about 154 SPS a day from staking, will be adding to the LP pools soon again but not until after nodes I need like 10. Im pretty sure I get paid on average about 60K just from the game plus the equity value increase est at 200-300K not sold though.

So I get while sleeping I make 21,900 off of SPT votes, SPS I make about 40 a day 14,600 Then I also get the airdrop points until the end which is a few hundered SPS I think so overall I get on the low end at 36500 while prices are down but we hit a few bucks Im rollin in 600-1000 a day lol. With land and validators etc coming out it should rocket as well as with supply slowing of rewards sps.

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