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I need to just make a community posting all the easy affiliate links in order to fund a account using them and getting the 10 deposit 50 dollars and get 50 dollars then you refer your spouse and get a 50 dollar referral for them and they get one also so 50 in total you have made 150 on one 50 dollar bonus where you have a deposit 50 for a month and get 50 bonus. If you have 2 kids so a family of four each childs account bonus will be 100 each to so 350 dollars can be made by using one of the links that is a 50 dollar bonus and I have a lot of them and will be posting them with directions in my community tribe and how to use each one and different ways that I have done it and the APR which is a risk free apr insured as far as you trust that but its one of the safest ways to make money and get a high roi of in this case the 50 dollars used is 12x per year as it has a roi of 100% per month and annualized 1200%. There are hundreds of these that take 15 - 20 minutes to open and then you get say 10 different sharess of stock with webull, a few with robinhood, first trade, tasty works gave me 100 shares worth 500 bucks on a 2K deposit for 3 months that was also borrowed on a zero percent card so any of this moneny i used the banks money to pay for getting credit card bonuses in the process of using it to charge yourself and get the cheap rate by paying 3% less 2% cash back 1% for 21 months 0% which you can use it to flip bank bonuses and i use trello to track mine and will be posting my curated list of them to fund a splinterlands account from easiest to hardest and that will easily fund a account in a few months of a good 3K and also will be used to hel[p ppl pay rent as the money for both my bonus from all nad there s comes from the bank its just doing a lot of them and making money on repeating them using the terms and they usually send one to you lol. Its about the highest paid most braindead job bc ive made from 100 to 2000 a hour average 300 when i do it and with he new website for getting it out there more and having ppl use it from all over all i need is 1K ppl to do the first 10 and i make 1 million and i think that is low im thinking once ppl do 1000 they will continue to at least 5000 where it gets to harder bonuses and 5K is more than enough to fund a serious gaming account or use to invest in anything as the only way to grow and gain wealth is invest it just look at the stock market and crypto imagine if you just kept it in cash you would constantly lose ppp and never gain where as if you [put it in apple you would say if you put 100K in at the low be up like 10X and make a millioin pretty fast over the past few years and that would basically replace 100K worth of salary or more right there. Also why i never bother with indexes were taught to think 7% is good and the average is what you go for fuck that 7% pllus fees i caninvest in real estate gettting 15-50% and notes with less risk aslo defi paying by the minute and make more than that and advisors push that and the amount you need to retire in 30 years at say 65 why not 40 lol ask about what you need to do fo 40 bc who the fuck wants to plan to retire at 65 plan to do it early and if you fuck up fall back on 65 lol. You can basically do it or push yourself well on your way by having a good 200K by time your 19 graduate high school by investing and working your ass off which wouold get you 20K passive right out of the gate and you want more so you live at home until 25 growing the 200K for 7 years say at 15% -30% say 20% avg and you just grew that and worked just ennough to get income to get medicaid and make sure you get insureance etc and the eitc each year of a grand is a free 5000 investment at 20% equivalent for a year and paying any tax with a credit card makes you 1 to 2 % on tbe payment lol. Also I will be posting my bonses as NFTs as well as a link to the website if you buy the nft it gets you 5% of the revenue from that link for the pre paid price based on peformace and create a club with a limited amount of the nfts and the club will be foucsed on trading referrals with each other and helping make money by doing bonuses and finding odd ways to make money like billing each other iwth a 6% cash back card to net 3% on 5K a day or 150 a day 7 pe week per member and that is another funding method werer going to use as well as vote funding where we run equity raise posts and votes are capital investments. Each investment will be invested in btc and used to create a btc focused as collaterol along with paxg and eth as well as dai and use those on polygon and other chains to generate yield and purchase shares of stock in various things like Ichan Enterprises daily to get that and its strong tax sheilded distribution and its hedge fund strategies, use belp as well to defer all capital gains to 2025 and no gains on appreciation on belp ever which is like a retirement account status after 10 years and a original gain is deferred. Lots of tax credits and caming can be a full time business if you play alot for money and profit its a business and ou can treat it as such write f losses against your other oincome in certain cercumstances and get tax credits as well. Read the tax laws it will make you millions more than otherwise bc you will be able to avoid paying tax legally the second you can not work and live on passive income which can be manimpulated and timed to never be taxed like the 150K i got this eyar was abosorbed by other real estate ijust bought into and abosoarbed the gain so i didnt get taxed coollected my distributions and re invested the pay out for growth after it paid out 20K in gains on 20K on one and similar gains added up to 150K on deals i looked at for a few hours each and invested 1.5-3 years later all but the last one is been cashed in at a seriously great set of irrs and perfect time to rotate into self storage to hold all the ppl rentings belongings and reeally ppl should just toss it or firesale it as if it is not worth at least 20K its not worrth storing for very long at 100-200 a month for storage lol most ppl store stuff worth moch less and pay for it fo years. MHPs are good in recessions bc there the cheapest t ogo and cash cows, tax leins to get the forclosures and have the banks pay you off that one will be the steadies income of 17% paid monthly annualized 17% with zero debt but ill add 21 month credit cards for half to make it a 34% IRR paid monthly instead and have 50K in a savings account ready to pay it off earrning 7% as i found one acocunt paying that so adds on 0 cost but like 1% or 500 on a 50K/100K min financed and adds 6.5% on the 50K reserve to pay back the cc debt bc you get 3250 in interest less the 500 or a net gain or 2750 so the loan is actually making money and adding 2750 to a 17K return per year on 50K equity and 50K debt and cash reserives of 50K for the debt used to pay it down for min pmts 21 months and pay off after 21 to refi again to another card you can ulimitedly use credit cards to get free money to use risk free by depositing in a savings at 5-7% and paying back and re financing when it runs out so you earn only on your credit card borrowed money from the bank at a risk free frate on there moeny its great when you can get like 100K finally like i did this year just did a bit riskier and used it in defi lol made a lot more on it but deff need to have reserves t ocover that if you lose its to make my money more efficient not have no reserves jsut lets me leave them in things that earn money and use credit with that to cover it. now it adds like 5% to a strategy like leveraging equities that way as well t onot trigger margin calls you can do the same thing with a stock account diversift it hedge and borrow 2/1 for a month when you need tgo refi and pay back the loan after your refi it lol so it is used to just take the borrowed mon eyt offf your credit and the nborrow more and put it back on and in this case pay it back to the investment account you have in pretty hedged investments on cash you have in reserves you would invest but you can get 50K in 1% cc debt to make say 5% and use the cc card to put in the brokerage invest while gettin 5% outside adds to the roi at eoy. A method for getting into crypto is use the bank account interest paired with bank bonuses to invest the earnings in btc over the year and end up with a exra 5 k pretty easily using the babnk bonuses and links also giving me 5K coincidentally which is how i make moeny on the deal and you can recere your families get extra like a 500 bonus oon a checkin a family fo 4 brings in 3500 and i get 500 for referral 1 of it they get 3500 for a investment which could be anything crypto real estate stocks etc. I funde at least two 40 K investments into diff projects with bank bonuses which later doubled lol. The banks paid for 120K with those investment returns used form them lol. I wouldnt have half the money i do without doing bank accoutns for 10 years to its made me a lot of money lol im hoping when i post it ppl in the us take a serious look bc if your like most you igonre it but go bitching you make 40K and cant afford anytthing im litterally saying here is a way look into it and you will smack yourself wwhen you seee it that you can out earn your job by 2X pretty easy and not work much compared to it. ITs jjst finding open minded ppl bc i have friends that still dont beleive it afer i show them my stmt lol They refuse i beat there salary as a teacher opening bank accounts. im about t odo a bumch of new ones for me to get another milliion sps and million glx as well as add another bunch of glx nodes and sps nodes along with varous layer two expecially spt will be buying more back now that prices is low and i want to have 20% of the outstanding amount for a massive vote bc im going to be using it to help fund a investemtn club which iwll be done by having ppl post articles and they get curated by me and you also vote on fund articles and each amount goes to the teasury for a month then it closes and skips a month opens again for a month along with bonuses and all sorts of money making things to get investment money if needed or want to invest and join. We will right off the bat have 500K in invesstments from me after i transfer some startups and real estate as well as crypto to the LLC and track its performance on TribeVest wehre ppl goto find investment clubs like this and work together to beat hte minimums and make them smaller like say all the clubs want to be in panterra just form one feeder and we all negotiate the minimum and terms or a real estate fund if you come with 5 million in capital like for the one i use they would give you special terms. YOu can use that for a feeder for the club and cover costs. Also Make sure you buy other stuff with some of your earnings outside of HIVE as well like btc and other equities even though i see them as risky its still good to have all things just im leaning toward half crypto now and the half will be my solo 401K bc then no on can just take it if the wipe them out i can just walk away with my keys and money. Same with any cash will be using my debit card im white labeling to spend earnings and mt brokerage and bank account atttached to the debit card to send earnings to the brokerage and etc. Use ibkr which has very good service as welll as ledger for me getting the new staxx for the fund and using the nanos as other back ups as evertthing will be done on ledgers and hard wallets when possible and nothing done on cexs at all only dexs and distributions you debit card only via a invoice sent to get 3.28% moe on each distribution or contribution we invoice it lol it works. Bank bonuses are a great way for ppl who are smart enough to go scale it as well to make alot of money off of ppl and the ppl make a bunch of money to as its the only way to get a link is either sign up and use no ones or use someones pay it forward and then sign up bc it doesnt cost you anything and now you have it with your link and you helped someone trying to do the same out. Also using AI blogging of your content is a good way to spread it over many platfors fast and max roi over like 20=-30 or more social media platforms like this and just bring earnings back to hie and buy HIVE , sps, glx, nodes , start a wittness node and keep gathering hp and then bring he investment club in and buy more HP to get in tot the top wittness votes on hive and run a steem wittness once hive is owrking if its wort hthe payouts as well as run a node for sps if you can just get in the top validator positon by voting no licese account if you get enough sps and then stick your licenses with he top accounts and pile in to all of them. or may organize a vote around mine for small hoders to pool to get a spot and vote my sps of what will be 1.5 million soon combined with anthone with a node who wants a shot at top validator double roi when nodes go live same for glx nodes id get at least one to have. Goign to start running a spk node, and many other nodes for other chains like eth eventually ro and host staking as a service and node as a service charge a fee and it can be a much better roi to syndicate these and be the gp partner on these dealse as the prices can rip giving you 10% of a big return on 1% captial put in and that 10% could be `1000% lol and staking rewards as we go and everthing is in the form received to not trigger gains and those are done individually so ppl can choose. This will be exciting to be able to get ppl to see thow to do it with bank bonuses where i live get at least half a million quickly then they will wnat ot keep doing it and they will be hooked on the exra cash flow and the referrals will give me a big free interest in it the provides cash flow as well and since well be half in defi probably will do pretty good with cash flow and using it to fill up the cash side in CDs used to buy crypto and leverage 2/1 to get 8% ish and buy btc to use as collaterol as well as have the crtpto half start with DAI on maker dai , polygon for a nice 30-40% ROI xmatic, spl node ROI like 20% likely will be much more soon and glx nodes more but will be similar to sps likely and staking for glx is different as it stops after 12 so nodes may be more in demand once ppl realize that to. Why im going to be loading up soon and using my glx or a few hundred k of it if we hit 4 cents to burn buy pre sale nodes goal is 50 glx nodes and 200K glx to end with and 5 million sps after i sell some of my expensive cards for sps for now and goto pure cash flow for right now and get ready for sps and glx and this is the daos year i think and i want at least 2 million bc i think we will hit .5 again and maybe a bunch more if spikes on a listing i want to be ready to dump a million if it hits a buck plus and at 5 im dumping all of it but like 10% bc 5 million would be a good gain and ide bee good with putting it all in something less risky and using the cash flow to re enter spl by buying back in wiht only cash flow form the gain then its all earnings which is how i try to do start ups take out cost imeadieatley once you get a double return on hsit and keep half in the profit let it ride and hou ahve all profit instead of cost wehre u tend to get scared to lose it which goes away with the cost out and profit in you manage the prifit and take some off usually much more patient.

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