RE: How The 'Play To Earn' Brand Might Be Hurting Splinterlands

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Want to join forces in a investment club to make that less of a problem? I am buying up a lot of tokens and influence to do such a thing and my ultimate goal may seem wild that the players will be owning a apartment builing but not really that far off if ppl think about it. I probaly have 450K in the game including appreciation of my equity. I put in maybe 50K of my money. most earned in the beging from grinding 10 hrs a day on the weekends. Ive been there now I make a full time income and I have barely gotten started. Ill be at Splinterfest if anyone wants to chat to I would love to meet ppl in person see if we can make a cool club and take it to the next level which to me is 10 million for the club. We can get it I am prepared to put all my votes to this really give it a boost and I will be buying assets each week either in the stock market, digital asset market at first then will be moving to NFTs backed by them sort of a feeder into various assets like validators for ppl who want to own them but dont have 3k buy 1 or 30K for 10. I can make that happen pretty soon getting a goopd influx of cash maybe a quarter million I want to put half into this and making it happen.

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