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Ya i am buying a lot as well my goal is get to 1 million SPS and 20000001 SPT as well as I am able to influence that at that point the only person with more would be the monster curator. Along with that I am accumulating oneup, will be buying DEC for the rest of the airdrop and playing again to determine which cards I will rent and which I want to keep in play plus will be reserving 10K for validator nodes which will make my 1 million self staked sps attractive to people as they can earn max rewards just by staking my nodes which i am hopin to get 5-10 so I can 5-10X my returns and ensure returns afer the distribution phase is done and earn double vouchers which will keep appreciating especially as validator node floors keep moving up which will push up prices of vouchers along with it.

right now there may be a lot of dumping by the last allocation of SPS to the sps Private Sale I was going to participate in but I already own part of spinterlands (steemmonsters preferred and commnon stock as I put money in the seed round a few years ago which paid out beautifly and still have my preferreed stock and ended up with 480 shares of common stock randomly so must have been a stock distribution or could be the shares I acquired for .1-.2 during the breif time smtt was on steemengine and was not sure what happended to them as my original subscription was 10,000 shares of preferred stock so I have 10,480 units in equity exposure as well so I own a nice little slice of the corporate entity as well which I beleive is worth around 200,000 now with the recent FMV I saw of the company. These I will not sell unless I get a offer of like 50-100X then I would sell 50% if there was a liquidity event and hold the rest as that would be equal to axies returns and I would make quite a bit on my current 268K SPS 2.5 million SPT cards 8K land 1200 skins random ones, Now am going to buy some dec or SPT by moving 2K over from other investments and 1500 into SPS and 500 in SPT. Also will activly be currating all the other tokens I have earned and staked and the benefitciary will be the SPL Group until it has sufficient tokens to use to fund the initial starting point for the fund using digital assets I earn to start it off by funding a few weeks worth of spt votes and using them to purchase equities and private placement rental properties which will offset the passive income from the club making the tax impact both passive and active income (losses) whirh involve loss harvesting by selling all assets at a loss buying right back to take the loss as no wash sales as they are allowed for now in crypto. There will also be non passive mtm hedging losses or gain but non se income but are objective will be to hedge so that we can use digital asset derivitives to hedge and not be impacted by wash sales and the staking and market making will be active ordinary income and loss and it will not be picked up in income for staking until sold so the tokens will be distributed in kind so you can manage your own tax situation and will receive a schedule K-1 for a partnership tax return in the US and we will figure out how to get foreign parteners likely paid via a separate JV ownerhsip where income and expenses are reported based on your ownership and you will be responsible for the tax treatment if any in your counrtry. The US shareholders will receive form schedule K-1 for each year.

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