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IM doing fariry well botting my account right now while i work on my guild project where my partners and i will be playing each 5-10 guilds in brawls tournaments and renting as strong deck for ranked in the AB frays and gold jsut for ranked they ca be anything. My bot plays in diamond 1 flirting with champ line so close if i get in champ my inoem with triple. but im going to stick will diamond and brekadown my 40K deck to many smaller efficeint diamond decks to basically 14x my income and soul bound cards. We also dual play spl forge which ill be botting like crazy with one account to test and if that works get it ripping while i can and search for other no so sopisticated profitable botted games to extract to broing to spl and are guild we will also do AI curation with 1000 articles and pictures and audio a day with a voting ring of a few hundred accounts to raise capital which hopefully will kick ust ot he 25-100 a post by posting os much and voting . The fund will be a airdrop portion to every spl player not based on sps but based on a claimdrop for one who claims it with no amoutn so we have a list then can allocate it. Things to consider. Positives: we plan to grow to a much larger organization we have 200k plus capital now but we plan on being at 5 million by end of year 2 and earning about 3-4 in year 2 which is not that impossible when you do the numebrs my diamond bot makes 3 bucks a day ranked, eos 25-50, focus 1 -2 , That doesn not count extra GLX dropped and incerased at 1% a day right now. We will be over the next month will get 5 20 guild plowing away then 40 and 100 by year 1 end so we can suck up soul bound careds and rent them or whole guilds with a promote and if sold a perpetual royalty to us. Also Staking is most of my inome about 200-300 a day. I also made alot on this game been here since the beginign an own privatre stock in the company so I own a bit of it all. And now scaling playing expensive stuff down and only buying the most statistical decks for my bot accounts not human but bot to just plow away until they win get to diamond which will be 25%, 50% NFTY 25% NFTY and XBOTS optimized to play at each tier in each league to make sure we get the most of everything and gain influence against the larger alliances bc they lets say are acting a way that does not make me think its long term good but if they spend money they make me money which i did remind them and that really pissed them off bc there is nothing they can do i will always make moeny off them. Its there fault they went ape shit on me and harrassed me of a total miscommunicaiton. Then one of the guild leaders ofthe main one and another service bragged he got me kicked from the guild like that is against all there rules. I kept calling him out publicly and they just kept yrelling me good luck and to give up they dont know me. If i really want to they dont want to see what i can do could use my wealth to basiocally put a stop to there cash flow and just wait it out until they fail. I dont think they understand poking a bear that originally agreed to just let it go is a bad idea and when they dont know anything about me and how much capital i have access to i can crush them. Talking to me like hes better than me i dont treat ppl like that hes a child with a bit of power bc the memebers are in countries where they wornt risk talking about how thery gfeel bc he will fire them liekly me i dont depend on them i can just say what i want as long as its true if they dont like it bc im doing what thery did to me they can fuck right off litterally nothing they can do to me. I can tell that pisses him off. FOund someone he has no influence over that must be annoying to a person who is used ot being on a power trip. I would never put my fuckup on someeone bc i thought i could get aawa with it but ill keep reminiding him evey few weeks until he publically admits hes wrong and appologiezes for his behavoior in front of his guild alliance channel and i will be joining a tone of there guilds so i always know whats goiong on an milk there rewards just with untraceable accounts to me. Learn exactly the structure and how much money hey have and what i need to do to steal ther players and go after them and become that spear that never goes away until he admits what he did. Hes not getting away with it with me. Hopefully i can do this for others two put him in his place knock his ego down a bit hes not god hes a miserable pos in my opinion that if he was face to face would not say a word.

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