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Besides, in an attempt to support a healthy ecosystem, BDVoter keeps an eye on @Splinterlands content and supports weekly challenges (Art Challenge, Social Media Challenge & Battle Mage Secrets). As the project strongly stands against plagiarists and spammers, content creators are encouraged to produce high-quality, meaningful, and original content that adds value to the blockchain. In short, we believe in creativity, so, show us the best of you!

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Detalles sobre el nuevo sistema de (Conflictos) una nueva forma de recibir recompensas [EN-ES]

This post discusses the new " Conflicts " reward system in the Splinterlands game, which replaces the old "Airdrops" system. The post explains how the Conflicts work, including details about Wizards Wagons and how to participate. It also highlights important aspects such as Contribution Ranks, Total Contribution, and Card Slots. The post provides information on how to buy Wizard Wagons, the maximum number of cards and packs that can be bet, and how points are earned for Airdrop cards. The post concludes with a reminder about using the cards in the normal game and provides links for further information. The post is informative and aims to educate players on the new reward system in Splinterlands.


Splinterlands | ANASTH SOOTHSAYER is my Favourite Rebellion Healer card

This post discusses the author's progress in the current Splinterlands ranked season, where they have reached Champion II tier. The post also highlights the ANASTH SOOTHSAYER, a healer monster from the Rebellion edition. The author provides a detailed breakdown of the monster's abilities, stats at different levels, and a battle scenario where they used the monster in a 52-mana-limit battle. The post concludes with a call for readers to share their thoughts on the ANASTH SOOTHSAYER and a reminder to stay engaged in Splinterlands.


Let Your Opponents Suffer, But Don't Let Your Team Suffer | Amazing Battle | Splinterlands Social Media Challenge!

This post discusses the importance of strategy in battles in Splinterlands, focusing on the Affliction Ability and Cleanse Ability. The Affliction Ability prevents healing, while the Cleanse Ability removes negative effects. The post includes a battle example where these abilities are crucial for victory, showcasing their effectiveness. The author emphasizes the significance of incorporating these abilities in battle strategies to secure wins.


[ENG/ITA] Why I'm Trying to Get as Many Soulbound Cards as I Can

The post discusses the author's strategy of collecting as many Soulbound cards as possible in the Splinterlands game. These cards cannot be bought on the market and must be unlocked through gameplay. The author uses a bot to play for them in order to maximize their collection. The post details the progress made in obtaining Soulbound cards, with the goal of reaching the highest playable level. The author also mentions the use of a tool to monitor collection progress and the potential to sell extra copies of cards for funds to buy other needed cards. Overall, the author is satisfied with their progress and hopes to continue improving their results and earnings in the game.


My first Epic summoner: Skargore Shattergrip and the Forge of Destiny! - Social media Challenge - Theme: Rebellion! (En/Es).

This post is a detailed account of the author's experience acquiring and using their first epic summoner, Skargore Shattergrip, from the Riftwatchers mini edition in the game Splinterlands. The post covers the advantages of epic summoners, the strategy and lineup used in battles, and a recap of a specific battle showcasing Skargore's potential. The author also provides tips and conclusions based on their experience with Skargore. The post concludes with gratitude towards the Splinterlands team and an invitation to new players to join the game.


PeakMonsters Legion & Premiere: Brawl #203 Report

This post provides a detailed report on Brawl #203 for PeakMonsters Legion and PeakMonsters PREMIERE guilds in Splinterlands game. It includes an overview of the brawl group, player results, overall brawl results, battle highlights, win rates, and top 20 performances. The post also features tables with guild rankings, player wins, and links to battle histories. Additionally, it highlights the luckiest and most unlucky players and compares total results vs. actual results for PeakMonsters Legion.

All images and quoted texts are the copyright of their respective authors. For better Post Preview Please use PEAKD frontend.

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