My splinterlands strategy

Not all of us can invest money in games like splinterlands. I am not saying it is impossible but proper management can sure make that possible I think the normal person who only right posts and have no specific knowledge about gaming is really hard for them to invest in games. I am here around for more than 3 years I guess on the splinterlands game but still, I haven't invested a good amount you can say here. I use to support in the past when the dec was pegged at one hive equals 1000 Dec. But after the SPS launch things did get change a lot. It is very good for the day holders who do have millions of death in their account but for an average person who does want to invest in the game now is not that much easy as compared to the earlier time.


In the past I used to buy cards weekly I guess I do watch other matches and I do buy the cards which I love, I mean that's the card's power and other things. Some of my investment in goddesses Delhi is worth it but as compared to 2021 the estimated value of my splinterlands account was around 2000 USD now it's less than 400 USD now I have more cards than earlier but the bear market is dropping all the prices. Sure I do believe in the game but there are many things that are being added now. I think again is more complicated than earlier it used to be.

Sprinterlands is the best game to invest I am sure after the Bull market the price of all the cards, dec, SPS, and all the other things related to splinterlands and other crypto too will going to boom for sure. I don't want to invest in the game but right now I am crying planning something else with the money I am earning from the #hive. I do buy cards from the Dec I earn by renting my cards on the market I already have made a post you can say at the detailed post on where to rent and sell your splinterlands cards. You can read my below post to know where to sell and rent your card from
Where to buy splinterlands cards???

I am taking all my SPS and getting GLX tokens for stacking my SPS tokens and staking all the GLX tokens and getting more GLX tokens. I am not buying SPS, right now I will think if the dec price will go up then I will surely buy SPS with that. What are your plans with the SPS, dec, cards, and other stuff related to splinterlands?
I am not going to sell anything from what I have earned in splinterlands but I am planning to reinvest all that I am getting from here I think this is not a good time to withdraw. Really don't know if you of the investors really believed in the splinterlands future and I do have that too. I do have your plans before I invest in splinterlands let's see how they will go I think that will be complete by the July or august of this year after that I will start investing in splinterlands may be weekly or monthly but I will sure do that after my other goes will be completed. I do by cards weekly and sometimes monthly from the earnings from the Dec and I will keep doing that until but didn't find any other alternative to do that.

I hope this post was informative for you. let me know what you think.

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My splinterlands referral

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Land feature launch hone ke baad price badh sakta he splintrlands assets ka.