Battle Challenge: Windiku best low mana tank?


In this challenge, we have the cursed windiku. One of the best tanks in chaos legion and what I believe to be the best low mana tank in chaos legion. Baakjira is a close second but given it does not damage you are really relying on the backline for DPS. Let us break down the card first and then we will examine a battle using this card.

Cursed Windiku


The windiku really has everything you want from a proper tank. Good DPS, relatively fast, good health pool, and fantastic abilities. The thorns can be really annoying to deal with if your opponent does not have shield and this is often the case with low mana tanks. The heal at gold league really elevates it's play as it can compete with the pelacor mercenary as well as go head to head better with the deimonshark/flying squid combo. The slow is a little icing on the cake however is the least valuable of the three abilities. Now we will breakdown a low mana battle using this great tank. Here is the link to the full battle:

Round 1


Pretty standard matchup here given the 15 mana and odd ones out ruleset. Diemonshark is too much mana here and in wild the flesh golem is usually a great play which is what I was expecting. To defeat the golem, you need an affliction or stun to defeat the heal as well as heavy damage up front being provided by the windiku along with his thorns bringing the hits up to five each turn. The extra heal on the backline was quite a nice combo with the golem up front and made me a bit worried after round 1. We see in this round that the heal timing is pretty perfect here given the speed of my monsters compared to his. He can heal through the windiku's attack and then after the revealer as well. Ending round 1 it is looking a little but scary for me.

Round 2


As round 2 goes along, we identify that I will need two more rounds to get through the flesh golem without a stun from my revealer. That would be too long as my windiku would go down during that round. Let us move on to round 3 and see if we get the clutch stun or no.

Round 3


Revealer gets the clutch stun! My windiku goes down prior to my calculations and so we will need another to make it through. He did however do his work as we will be able to kill off the golem next round.

Round 4


The flesh golem finally goes down and we are home free after the second stun. This was pretty fair RNG given we had four hits and hit stun for two. The weaken from the priest also allowed us to whittle down the heals a bit sooner.

splinterlands breaker.png

As you saw, the windiku can be quite resilient against high level melee tanks. The heal at gold level makes this quite deadly in gold league as you could see with the power of the flesh golem without the thorns in this matchup. As far as investment grade cards, I believe the windiku is one that will see great gains over time given the unique strength it has in certain mana levels and rulesets. Please comment if you have any other use cases for the windiku that you all like to use.


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