Brawl Changes: Top 3 Life Reward Cards


We now move on to the fourth splinter in our reward cards series bringing on the life splinter. This is my favorite splinter to play with especially since rathe came into the fold. There are some really undervalued cards for life in my opinion across the board and these reward cards are not different. Life also has one of the best summoners for alpha and beta with tyrus as he is a mini kelya and very powerful in melee and range heavy matchups. Delwyn will also be a great addition as we have seen throughout our breakdown given the magic buff. To be able to use these phenomenal cards and play this great TCG, please use the following link:

1. Crystal Werewolf

Crystal Werewolf.png

For those that remember the power of the mushroom seer for life, the werewolf is very similar in ability. Silence at level one is so useful and the five health can make it a nice low mana tank against any attack. When you know alric or delwyn are coming, the werewolf is imperative to bring in order to give life a chance. In that situation, using the werewolf as a sneak protector or in the secon position with clay golem up front can be real strong given the void of the clay golem.

2. Silvershield Assassin

Silvershield Assassin.png

Sneak is already quite powerful for life with the feral spirit as well as the elven cutthroat from beta. The assassin really puts it over the top as in high mana matchups you can slip in the silvershield knight with the inspire or use daria as a summoner and get three double strike sneak damage with the epic summoner buff. Without alot of taunt monsters or shield summoners to deal with, the assassins damage tends to hit more often than in ranked play in my experience which is fantastic!

3. Silvershield Sheriff

Silvershield Sheriff.png

Probably not a card that everyone would think would make this list however my reasoning is strictly due to captain katie. Snipe is not something life brings outside of the gladius card captain katie which is unfortunate due to the power of snipe in certain conditions. In high mana matches, the sheriff and katie can pound the backline given the same reasons above for the assassin as there are few taunt monsters and fewer shielded monsters than ranked play. Six damage can knock out two of your opponents backline creatures pretty easily and both cards also pair well in lost ability ruleset. Another hidden talent for this card is the piercing it receives at level three making a summoner like daria and kretch very valuable for this card as well.

splinterlands breaker.png

We have some heavy hitters here which is unusual for life but also a defensive monster that pairs up nicely. These are some of the more affordable monsters that we have mentioned in the series and the sheriff at level three can be really powerful in bronze ranked/tournament play as well. Please upvote or comment if you enjoyed this breakdown and have any other older reward cards that you think should have made the list.


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